Collective MAC Haul, Swatches, and Christmas Wish List!

Hey guys!
I've been buying a couple MAC items here and there and thought I would do a collective haul post, with swatches. My thoughts are that I absolutely LOVE everything because I've been lemming each item for a while now. I wasn't disappointed with anything. I know I told myself I wouldn't buy any more makeup until after Christmas, but I failed miserably.

MAC Smoke and Diamonds Eyeshadow

I was debating whether I should get "Smoke and Diamonds", but I'm really glad I did. It has a silver, green, taupe colour to it. It's insane! It's in the "Goodbyes" section of the Canadian website for MAC so if you don't already have this colour in your collection, I think it's a MUST! It also really brings out my eye colour, which was a pleasant surprise.

MAC Poison Pen and Solar White Eyeshadows

I bought these two eyeshadows because I had to have EVERYTHING Clara from Makeup By Clara used in this FOTD. It is one of the best FOTDs I've seen and the colours really compliment my eyes. Poison Pen has to be my FAVOURITE eyeshadow EVER now. It's a greyish-purple, Matte2 and is absolutely beautiful. Too bad it's a discontinued product. If you can get your hands on this I'd highly suggest you do!

Solar White, Poison Pen, Smoke and Diamonds

MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen glass (LE)

I missed out on this the first time it was released, and once I saw it was re-released with the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Holiday Collection I had to get it. This is by far my favourite formula MAC has to offer for lipgloss. They need to make this formula permanent. It isn't sticky like I find MAC LipGlass to be, it's SOOO cremey. The colour is beautiful and this is definitely a new HG product for me!

MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen Glass on lips

MAC Hue Lipstick

I've read countless blogs and posts about "Hue" so I had to pick it up and see for myself. I love nude colours, and this one does not disappoint. It's a nice wash of light pink on my lips and looks beautiful alone or paired with a lipgloss. This is also a new HG product for me! After my disappointing experience with all the Clinique goodies I picked up, I'm so happy to find new products that are HG status!

MAC Hue Lipstick on Lips

MAC Hue Lipstick + Partial to Pink


It's not even December and I'm close to being done my Christmas shopping this year! I always procrastinate with buying gifts for people that I get stressed out when I have to go places and it's SOOOO busy. I went to the mall and it was packed. I can't believe how many people are out all ready! The one person I'm having trouble buying for is my man! We've been together 3 years and I've bought him all the typical "girlfriend gifts" like cologne, watch...etc. You know the kind of gifts I'm talking about. Anyways, I'm having so much trouble thinking of what to get him because he always buys everything he wants! I know I know, it's the thought the counts...etc...etc., but he always gets me THE BEST gifts and I never tell him anything! I'll probably figure something out, but I was wondering if any of you ladies out there have any ideas from previous gifts you've given your significant other. I'm kinda leaning towards getting a PS3 (mainly for the Blu-Ray)...but I don't know...Blu-Ray discs are so damn expensive and DVDS seem just as good to me...LOL

Well that totally wasn't what I was planning on posting, but here IS what I was planning on posting: my wishlist!

1) A REALLYYY good makeup remover that can remove my eyemakeup w/ ease...I'm on the lookout. Specifically one that will remove mascara easily! Has anyone tried DHC Deep Oil Cleanser?
2) MAC Eyeshadows in Pan Form which include (Deep Truth, Soft Brown, Coppering, Scene, Club, Brule, Nehru, Embark, Freshwater, Rule, Yogurt)
3) MAC Vanilla Pigment
4) MAC Lipsticks (Creme Cup, Vegas Volt)
5) 2 15x Eyeshadow Palettes
6) MAC Trace Gold Blush in Pan Form
7) MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush (I've been wanting this for over a year and still haven't bought it...)
8) Brush Roll for travel
9) Gel Liner... I've never tried this and would like a good one (i.e., MAC, Bobbi Brown, something comparable?)

Then I have some clothes and c.d.s I want. I've never done a clothes haul! I just went to H&M and bought a few cute items...I really should do one of those sometime soon.

What is on your "Wish List". Doesn't have to be for Christmas because I know not everyone celebrates it. I love hearing about products people want to try!