TUTORIAL: Contour, Highlight, Blush

Hey beauties!
Here is my much requested contour, highlight and blush tutorial! I didn't add bronzer to this because a lot of the times when I contour I either contour with a bronzer or with a contouring blush so it's interchangeable in my beauty routine. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and aren't stuck working like I am. ENJOY!

Step 1: I applied moisturizer, concealer, foundation, powder, brows and eye makeup. You can see my foundation tutorial by clicking here.

Step 2: Swipe your angled contour brush in a contouring powder such as MAC Harmony Blush or use your bronzer!

To help contour, you can suck in your cheeks a little to see where the hallow of your cheeks are. For a guideline, you can also use from the top your your ear to the corner of your mouth. I start from the top of my ear, swipe down to the corner of my mouth and then blend everything out. You can add more or less based on your preference. Keep going back and adding more following the same steps if you like.
Your finished contour will look something like this.

Contour the Nose: I like to use a QUO blending brush for this part. It is similar to a MAC 224. I squeeze it with my fingers and swipe it in MAC Harmony Blush. Then I drag it down the sides of my nose and blend it out. This helps streamline my nose, making it look thinner. I rarely do this, only for lots of pictures.

Contour the Forehead and Temples: Using the same angled contour brush, use MAC Harmony Blush and lightly brush it along the top of your forehead and down your temples, blending it in as you go. I have a large forehead so this helps make it "appear" smaller. I don't know how good of a job it actually does, but I like to think it works LOL.

Finished Contour should look something like this:

NOTE: Some ladies like to work from bottom to top (i.e., contour, blush, highlighter). However, I like to contour, highlight and then add blush (since blush is in the middle and blends everything together). I do it both ways, as long as you blend in each section thoroughly it will look fine.

Step 3: Take your favourite highlighting product and use this. Today I'm using a liquid, but I use powder highlighters interchangeably. If you are using a powder, just swipe it on the same area and blend it in!
One pump of MAC Strobe Liquid

I rub the liquid in between my two index fingers and dab a few dogs on each cheek bone and put a swipe down my nose. Then I rub it in (i.e., along the cheek bone (under the eye socket) and down the bride of the nose.

Your finished highlight should look something like this

Step 4: Take your blush, I'm using MAC MSF in So Ceylon and a MAC 116 Blush Brush, and apply it to the apples of your cheeks. I'm doing the dumb "blush smile" to show you where you should be applying it. I think I look silly. LOL I like to swipe it a bit backwards and then blend it into my contour and highlight. Using just by applying it on blends everything nicely together so I don't have to do much work.
Your finished contour, highlight and blush should look something like this! I did my contour a bit dark so it would show up in pictures. Normally this would be a bit more subtle, but you get the picture :)

And here is the finished face!

Hope this helps you guys out! Thank you SO much for reading and following my blog :D