Will You Be My Valentine?!

Hey guys!
I'm just making a quick post today to say Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers!

My mom always buys us these HUGE Hershey Kisses for V-day. It has become a little tradition. They are delicious. To see the FOTD for this look, click here.

Today I am going out with a group of friends. We are meeting at Boston Pizza for lunch and to eat some delicious heart shaped pizzas. After, we are heading to the movies to see "Valentine's Day". I've only seen the poster for the movie, no previews or anything so I hope it's good. It has basically EVERY actor/actress who has ever been in a chick flick...seriously! haha.

Last V-day Bella had worms... LOL It was one of the most disgusting and UNROMANTIC things ever. hahaha. I'm glad everyone is in good health this year.

What are your plans for today?

Will you be my valentine?! xoxo