Buys! Buys Buys by ch3rylxx featuring Forever21

I did a little shopping online at 5:30 am before I had to go to work! There are soooooo many cute things on at the moment that I couldn't resist (even though I told myself NO MORE CLOTHES). I bought a couple more items, but when I went back to find the pictures they were gone... that's the trouble with As soon as I find something I like, I have to buy it RIGHT AWAY or risk it being gone within the day. I picked up two lace bodysuits in black and white @ 17.80, a little black dress @ 21.80 and a super cute romper @ 29.80. Is anyone else OBSESSED with their website?! I seriously order at least once a week... :S Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm heading back home to visit my family and friends. My best friend is leaving for 2.5 weeks to Europe! I'm going to be so sad :(