May Favourites!

Hey Guys!
I hope you had an awesome weekend! I was having the worst luck EVER this weekend :( If you have been following me on twitter you know what happened. Saturday I had to work 4 hours in the morning and before work I had half my contact lens rip out of my eye. I tried forever to get the other half out of my eye, but had no success, so I just went to work blind in one eye and a contact in the other (I would have wore glasses, but a few weeks ago Bella ate two pairs and now I have none!) It sucked enough having to go in on the weekend, which I never have to do, let alone with part vision, but then I strained my neck and ended up with a stiff neck AGAIN (I just got over one last week). I was planning on heading over to a friends Bday BBQ in the late afternoon, but instead I ended up waiting in the hospital for 3 hours for the doctor to extract the remaining piece of contact from my eye. I wasn't able to wear contacts for at least 24 hours (and I found out I'm legally blind without corrective vision!) so I had to walk around blind and do basically nothing for my entire weekend :( I ended up putting in a new pair of contacts last night and caught a late night showing of Sex in the City 2 with my girls, so that is the only plus side of my weekend. Oh ya, I forgot. They gave me my booster shot while I was waiting for a doctor to see my (Tetanus, DPT) and now my arm is swollen and bruised and hurts like a .... You get the picture. I actually got a good laugh out of it all. My family kept saying pirate jokes to me because I had a makeshift eye patch for my bad eye.

Anyways, I had sooooo many favourites this month that I couldn't include them all and just grabbed a bunch I thought were worth mentioning.

Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer: At the moment I don't have bad under eye circles. This covers the under eye area very well and also brightens the area! This is my new favourite way to conceal my eyes.

Make Up For Ever Primer: I bought the one in neutral. I love this wayyyyy more than SMASHBOX Photo Finish primer. It feels more like a moisturizer and doesn't leave me with that silicone finish. It seeps into my pores and makes putting on my MUFE HD foundation a dream! I love the finish and how natural and flawless my face looks with this product. It also smells AMAZING! The only downside is that I think I'm going to run out of this a lot faster than I have with my SMASHBOX primer.

Annabelle Zebra Bronzer: I've been meaning to do a review on this, but haven't had the time to update my blog as regularly as I would like due to all the renovations around the house I've been working on. I can't say enough good things about this bronzer. I'm in love with the colour and the sheen it gives my face. It's very natural and you can't overdue it like you can with some bronzers. I would definitely recommend this to fair skinned ladies!

Urban Decay Primer Potion in "Sin": I've never tried UDPP until this. Sin is perfect for the summer months and I actually like to use this on its own all over the lid. As a primer, I actually would prefer the original over this. On it's own, it's perfect for a natural eye.

Annabelle Matte Eyeshadow: I actually like this shadow better than MAC'S Carbon! I've been using this every single day to set my eye pencil in place. It is VERY black and pigmented! This is also inexpensive which is a major plus! I love great drugstore finds!
- I also am using all the other matte eyeshadows I received from Annabelle cosmetics. I'm really into the matte look at the moment and the nude colours work perfect as an all over lid or highlight colour!

Make Up For Ever Brow Corrector: This applies so easy and lasts forever. You only need such a tiny amount of product that this is going to last me ages! The colour is perfect and I can control how dark or light I want it to go on. I also don't need to set this with brow gel (which I usually do with pencil) because it keeps my brows in place on its own.

Make Up For Ever Brow Pencil: THE BEST brow pencil I've ever used. I use to use the MAC 266 until I bought this baby. It is very tiny and has stiff bristles and can push product (i.e., eyeshadow, brow corrector) around effortlessly. My brows have never looked better and I owe it to this pencil! It was only $17 CAD at It was $19 US (which doesn't make sense because everything I order from Sephora when I go to the Canadian checkout ALWAYS goes up in price, not down...)

What have been your monthly favourites?