HAUL: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Guess, Sephora...

Hey guys!
Yesterday I went to Toronto with Charles and did some much anticipated shopping. Our main goal of the day was to go to the place Charles bought my engagement ring from and pick out our wedding bands. We successfully found wedding bands we both love, but are waiting to purchase them as it will take a couple weeks to custom make them. Mine looks basically like my engagement ring, minus the center stone (i.e., diamonds along the band...very classic).

I saved my money for this trip because I wanted to buy some Chanel sunglasses and a Louis Vuitton bag. I have NEVER bought anything from Chanel or Louis Vuitton. I have never even set foot in any store of that caliber so I was extremely excited to go shopping in Yorkville/Bloor area of Toronto. Unfortunately once I got to Chanel, I couldn't justify spending $675 on the Chanel sunglasses that I liked, so I will have to wait purchases some sunglasses later. My budget for sunglasses was $400 tops. They do have sunglasses in that price range, but I always found something about them that I didn't quite like. The $675 ones are beautiful...the style number 5132H and they have pearls on each of the sides with "Chanel" printed along the side as well. I wanted the black framed ones with the grey fade throughout the lens. I really want them *sigh*... I ended up getting my Louis Vuitton bag at the LV store inside Holt Renfrew. I've never been to a Holt Renfrew and as soon as I walked in I felt like I didn't belong. Everyone looked like they had a ton of money and did this everyday, whereas I probably will never buy another LV bag as long as I live haha. One lady even had a purse puppy and she bumped into Charles and did this snotty look and little hand gesture/wave to apologize instead of actually saying sorry... I hate rude people. Even with that I had an amazing experience and such an awesome day shopping with Charles. I ended up meeting up with my brother and his fiance and taking them out to lunch which was really fun.

Here are some pictures I took! Now that I have a really nice purse I want to do an updated "What's in my purse" post.
Louis Vuitton: My brand new Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 35 ♥

Chanel: Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel "Bronze Universel"
(I loveee this stuff and it smells so good!)

Guess: Bracelet watch

Lush: Lip Scrub in "Bubblegum" and Seanik Shampoo Bar
(I've never used a lip scrub before which is weird because my lips always get flaky. This stuff is AMAZING at de-flaking your lips and making them incredibly smooth. Also, you can lick your lips after using this and it tastes sooo good! It is basically just sugar so you can easily make this at home. This is my second Seanik Shampoo Bar and it leaves my hair so shiny and full of body. My favourite shampoo EVER)

Bath and Body Works: I picked up a few hand sanitizers to put in my purse and to bring in my lunch bag at work.

Sephora: I had a 20% coupon to Sephora which, obviously, I HAD to use...LOL I picked up a backup of Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencil in "Zero"(this is my favourite eye pencil EVER) and a bottle of Versace Bright Crystal perfume. I needed a new perfume and was debating between picking up this or Chanel Chance eau Fraiche, and decided to get the Versace one. I was currently using Givenchy Hot Couture and Juicy Viva La Juicy.

Victoria's Secret: The Eaton Centre just got a Victoria's Secret! I've never been to VS (as they aren't readily available in Canada) and I absolutely LOVE their bras! They are extremely comfortable and flattering. The best fitting bras I have ever had.

Forever 21: I actually didn't get this at the F21 store in Toronto, I ordered it online. The F21 store was soooo busy that I just did a quick walk through, said forget it, and left. I was sad cuz this is obviously one of my fave stores :(Anyways, I thought this would be a cute dress for New Years Eve...unfortunately, it barely covers my bottom so I have to wear leggings when I wear this *sigh*

I also got some new Lululemon yoga pants and sweater, a long sleeve plain black shirt and socks from H&M. All of these are for work, so I didn't bother featuring them, but they are in the bags in the first picture.

Ugg Black Boots
Forever 21 Black Leggings
H&M Long Sweater Dress
Forever 21 Black & Gold Belt
House of Harlow Black Resin 14k Gold Necklace
American Eagle Aviators

Forever 21 Cream Trench Coat

Going to Toronto: You couldn't even see the CN tower because it was EXTREMELY foggy

Driving back home on the Gardner Expressway