HAUL: Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Hey Guys!
I went to the mall this weekend with no intention of really buying anything and I ended up purchasing mostly shoes...this is very odd for me since I'm more of a clothing, makeup girl than a shoe girl. Don't get me wrong, I do love shoes, but I'd rather have nothing on my feet (i.e., shoes, socks...etc)! LOL I ended up picking up some everyday ones, and one very impractical heel which I love to death. Hope you enjoy!

Pumas I bought at "Champs". I liked these ones over any other and found out they are youth boys shoes. LOL
I didn't let that deter me because they were also cheaper than adult Pumas! LOL

Black patent pumps from Forever21

Nude Patent Heels from "Payless". I never buy shoes from Payless because I find they always hurt some part of my feet.
These are actually REALLY comfortable.

My favourite purchase of the day. I bought these specifically for my Bachelorette in Vegas.
I just hope I don't break my ankle before my wedding day :S
These make me like 6'0" or more LOL