I erased Charles' last name. We are going to have the same initials now! LOL "CK"
Hey Guys!
Sorry I haven't posted often. Someone left a comment on my formspring saying my blog bores them because I don't post often enough. To address my lack of posts, I have a full-time job, house renovations, and my wedding, along with both my brothers weddings, coming up this summer. I have a lot of things going on in my life which are taking time away from my blogging. I do plan on completing all my posts in my "Upcoming Posts" section, but it will take some time to complete. I appreciate all my followers patience and I have not forgot about you!

The past couple weekends I've been working on my Wedding Invitations. I made each invitation myself, even the envelopes have addresses in script. Here is a little taste of what they look like. Hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend! I'm off to Charles' parents' forest for an Easter Egg hunt and bonfire!

Response Card

Kissing bun bun stamps! aww LOL

I was so excited to find sealing wax and a signet stamp. This was my favourite part. LOL