Our Honeymoon in Santorini, Greece Part III


Hey Guys! This is the last and BEST post of our honeymoon in Santorini, Greece.We left Toronto on the Sunday, made it to our Hotel on the Monday (because Greece is 7 hours ahead) and stayed until Monday, got back Monday afternoon.

Day 1: We got to our hotel and did a little exploring. We checked out our room and then had a little tour of the hotel. We were pretty jet lagged so we had a 3 hour nap and woke up early afternoon ready for our day. We ended up walking the streets of Oia, checking out some shops and watching the sunset.

Day 2: Every morning we had breakfast on our own private terrace. There was a little infinity pool outside our room as well as a jacuzzi which we used frequently during our stay. This day was pretty relaxing and we took advantage of room service, and the main infinity pool.

Day 3: The next day we lounged by the private infinity pool until early afternoon, when we took a private transfer down to one of the ports. We took a sunset Catamaran cruise around the island, sailing along the edge of the caldera and seeing both the Red and White Beach. There are three main beaches on the island of Santorini all of which have different coloured pebbles due to the lava from the volcano that erupted several years ago. I never knew that there was three different coloured lavas until my trip: white, red, and black!


The cruise was absolutely beautiful and it was my first time EVER on a boat. I know, surprising. I was worried that I was going to get sea sick, but I was fine the whole trip! Below is a picture of me infront of the still active volcano! We ended up stopping by the volcano, hopping off the boat and swimming to the natural hot springs caused by the still active volcano. The hot springs are a natural way that help arthritis, rheumatism, as well as various other health problems! After taking a dip in the hot springs, we ended up sailing to a little cove by the volcano, setting achor, and having dinner. We ate fish, chicken and various salads. It was delicious! Charles ended up swimming for a bit before dinner to the volcano, climbed around on the rocks and shoved some lava stones in his pockets for souvenirs. There was also a TON of floating rocks which turn out to be pumice stones caused by the gases from the volcano! Pretty cool. After dinner the sun started to set and we slowing sailed back to port, watching the sunset along the way. It was very peaceful and romantic.

Day 4: Below is a panoramic view from one of the restaurants we ate at during our stay. It was called Lotza and had THE BEST pasta I've ever had. I recommend the Oia traditional which was a creamy garlic tomato sauce. We ended up coming back here for another dinner during our stay because it was soooo good and reasonably priced. Today we did more site seeing, swimming, and eating. Santorini has A TON of bakerys and I made sure to have dessert nearly every night. LOL

Day 5: We rented an ATV for the next two days and did our own tour of the island. This was THE BEST thing we could have done and the most memorable of the trip. Nothings like driving around a foreign country, not knowing where you are going, not knowing a single bit of Greek, and not caring what happens or where you end up. Charles and I were all smiles the entire time.
I ended up buying a donkey backpack at one of the stores prior to renting the ATV, not knowing that we were going to have a trunk on the back to store stuff. I was looking forward to my donkey being my backpack haha. I took a zillion photos and videos during our two day trip, but limited it down to a select few. I wish I could show them all because we did SOOO much and all the pictures are so beautiful.


There are a bunch of mountains on the island which had very narrow streets and were fun to manuever along, if you could get past the "If-I-Move-An-Inch-To-My-Right-I-Will-Fall-Off-The-Cliff-And-Plummet-To-My-Death" part. One video I have I'm screaming during some of it...LOL, I'm debating putting it on my VLOG channel. Below we pulled over and looked at the scenery on top of a side of one of the mountains. It was breathtaking. Then Charles ended up finding some gunshot casings and a walking stick so we were being goofballs with our props we found. Below I'm pretending to be a shaky old woman. I'm pretty cool in my helmet, safety first kids. LOL

Below I got a picture of Charles freaking me out by ATVing down a slope towards the edge of a cliff. After that episode, we drove some more to the ancient city of Akrotiri where they are currently excavating an ancient town. It was pretty cool to see the people at work, plus we got to see some old pottery, paintings...etc.

Above we drove to a secluded edge of the island where we pulled out our own little picnic and had some lunch. On the way back there is a section along `Lava Road` where couples go and put there initials in the black lava with light coloured stones. Apparently this is good luck. Charles and I pulled our ATV to the side while no one was around, gathered some stones and spelt out our names with a heart. It was awesome because while we were leaving on Monday at 5:00am, we looked to the side while the sun was rising and saw that our names were still there in the stones. :)

At night we ate dinner at the fabulous Katikies Dinner Restaurant. You can only make reservations here for dinner and it was a three course meal. I have pictures of the view from the table in my first post about Katikies the hotel. This was THE BEST meal we had on the entire trip. I highly recommend making reservations here for at least dinner if you do not choose to stay at the Katikies for your accommodations. Wonderful service, open air veranda, and the view is BEYOND breathtaking.
Day 6: We were driving around on the ATV early afternoon because we wanted to head to Perivolas beach (the beach with all black pebbles) to check it out because we already ventured to Red beach and White beach (white beach you can only get there by boat). We ended up stumbling across a winding road up another mountain to another ancient city called, Thira. We actual already thought we saw Thira the day before, but were mistaken and it was just a military base. If we wouldn`t have randomly decided to go a different way to Perivolas Beach than we would have never came across Ancient Thira which was one of the coolest things we saw! We saw a lot of ancient ruins and did a lot of walking and climbing up the mountain to see all of the city. It was quite large and very interesting to see all the things that were still intact from ancient times.

Above is my favourite picture from the trip. It is a panoramic shot of Charles standing on the edge of a rock on top of the mountain near Ancient Thira overlooking part of Santorini. Below, Charles and I were EXTREMELY overheated from walking around in the sun all day on top of a mountain and we FINALLY made it to Perivolas Beach. We didn`t stay long because we both don`t like salt water and wanted to go back to the privacy of our own hotel. We kicked it by the private infinity pool for the rest of the day.
For those of you who are curious, this is the tattoo I got while I was in Vegas for my Bachelorette. 2011 in Roman Numerals!

Day 7: Stayed at the hotel and finished up some shopping for family and friends. Relaxing by either the main infinity pool, private infinity pool or the cave pool was wonderful.