REVIEW: Dior Holiday Eye Palette

Hey Guys!
I ended up picking up the Holiday Eye Palette from Dior's Celebration Collection during the Sephora Friends and Family Sale. I had a list going into Sephora of the products that I was going to get, and this wasn't on that list, but I bought it on a whim anyways. I bought this even though I hated the highlight swatch at the store, but couldn't turn down the base lid colour and the cream liner. These two products alone sold me as I don't have either in my collection already. Also, the cute packaging suckered me in. I absolutely love the tweed and the tiny bow with charm. 

What it is:
An elegant eye palette inspired by the classic gray tweeds and iconic bow and charm detailing in Dior's couture collections of the past and present.  

What it does: 
This palette features a smoky brown and beige harmony of eye shadows, cream eyeliner, and highlighter in a lovely, ladylike mirrored compact.  
This set contains:
- 0.06 oz Base Eyeshadow (khaki tan shimmer)
- 0.06 oz Colour Eyeshadow (bronze shimmer)
- 0.06 oz Shine Eyeshadow (sparkling ivory)
- 0.05 oz Liner (chocolate brown)
- mini double-ended brush  
What else you need to know: 
The base color (iridescent eye shadow 542) and the eye shadow (iridescent eye shadow 682) contain Dior's phenomenal Wet Reflect™ technology. 

Retail value: $46 US on

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Boxed packaging

Protective plastic showing what each colour is for
1. Base - Khaki Tan Shimmer
2. Colour - Bronze Shimmer
3. Shine - Sparkling Ivory
4. Liner - Chocolate Brown

The brush is pretty useless to me, but I do use the synthetic brush end to pack on the liner 
when I'm using it as a base instead of a liner.

 From left to right: Base, Colour, Shine, Liner

By the picture, you can tell that the Shine is of lesser quality than the other shades. It is really chunky and gritty and a pain to work with. The liner is incredibly creamy and pigmented. I did use this as a base, but it will crease after time because it is so creamy. If you specifically wanted a brown liner, I would look else wear for something a little more long-wearing.The khaki and brown eyeshadow are extremely pigmented and blend effortlessly. Specifically, I am in love with the Khaki because I don't own a colour similar. It gives such a beautiful sheen when used on the lids. I love the wet reflect technology used in the brown and khaki shades.  Overall, this palette can easily be duped, so I wouldn't say run out and get it, but it is a nice luxury and is a no-brainer to take with you for travel.

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