UPDATE: I'M PREGNANT - The First 12 Weeks!

Hey Guys!

For those of you who follow me on my social media networks (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), you already know about the big announcement I made on Mother's Day: I'M PREGNANT! 

I haven't been making new blog posts or videos for about a month now for this reason. My health and well being have been my number one priority since I discovered I was pregnant April 5th. I've been watching and reading a ton of my favourite vlogger videos and blogger posts of the ladies who documented their pregnancy. I noticed that many didn't start talking about it until they were the typical 3 months along. I made my announcement when I was 11 weeks, but it was because I was dead set on making it on Mother's Day. For those of you who are interested, I plan on discussing, in detail, how my first 12 weeks of pregnancy have been like since this is something I would have found quite useful when I was going through the early weeks.

My husband, Charles, and I have been trying to conceive since the beginning of this year. In the past, I always wanted a beginning of the year baby (i.e., one to be born January), but when it was announced at my work that I would be making the next Full-Time hire, January 21st, I knew that now was the time to at least start trying. I read that it typically takes the average couple 4-6 months to conceive, but it only took us until March! I started taking prenatal vitamins in February and I swear that's what helped me conceive in March because I wasn't taking them prior. My birthday was on March 31st and just before then I was scheduled to get my period, which I thought I was getting because I started to spot. I spotted for about 3-4 days, but my period never actually started. I kept thinking to myself, "This CAN'T be my period". I took my first pregnancy test and it came back negative, however, in the back of my mind, I knew that I was pregnant. I decided that if my period didn't get going in the next week, I would take another test. I didn't even wait a full week because one morning I felt like crap, I was about to call into work, but decided to take my second pregnancy test and it came back POSITIVE! I was so extremely happy and even though Charles and I had been trying, I couldn't believe it. I was in tears and called Charles inside the house. He thought something was wrong and was all concerned until I choked out we were pregnant. I don't think I've ever seen him more happy in his life! I will never forget the joy and excitement I felt that day, and it has been with me ever since. I feel so extremely blessed to be able to have conceived so fast and have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far the past 12 weeks. 

When reading up about the spotting I had, it was consistent with women who have "implantation bleeding" (when the egg implants itself in the uterus). About 30% of women have this, and I was one of those women. When I got my period in January and February I was extremely discouraged, even though everyone was telling me you don't get pregnant RIGHT AWAY. When March happened and I started spotting I was really upset, but it wasn't my period! My advice to those trying to conceive, try not to think too much about it or you'll just be discouraged. Whatever is suppose to happen will and at the time it's suppose to. I truly believe that.

In terms of symptoms, I've honestly had it pretty easy compared to other stories I've heard and women I have talked to. I had a few days where I had "morning sickness", but I never vomited, I was just REALLY nauseous. Week 8-9 were the worst for me. That was when I had my nausea and I was EXTREMELY tired. I could barely keep myself awake during my 9 hour shifts and being on my feet ALL day was a battle in and of itself. I couldn't get enough sleep and one night I went to bed at 7! I had a bit of acne one week, headaches (mostly because I cut out coffee completely), crazy vivid dreams, EXTREME thirst and I'm currently suffering from heart burn at night. The worst thing for me was the weeks I had the lack of energy. At 9.5 weeks I FINALLY felt like myself again and had the energy to work and get back to my normal day-to-day life routine (minus blogging, and vlogging of course). I haven't had any cravings and my eating habits have stayed relatively the same. I honestly am disinterested in food because nothing tastes great, or nothing tastes bad, which is good because it means I can eat really healthy! Even now I'm sitting here trying to think of some of the symptoms I've suffered, but there hasn't been too much I've had to deal with, and when I have, it hasn't lasted too long. I'm still having crazy dreams and am very thirsty. Also, in the very beginning I had to urinate more frequently, but that has subsided considerably (even with the excessive amounts of water I've been consuming to quench my thirst). 

Around 5 weeks, when I found out I was pregnant, I started using creams and oils on my body to help hydrate my skin and allow it to stretch in the coming months to help prevent stretch marks. I know I will get them because I did during puberty and I'm prone. They are not very noticeable, so I hope they don't become more prominent again. Whatever the case may be, I will do what I can to prevent them, but I'm not too concerned if it happens, it happens. All you can do is try your best and the rest is out of your hands! I'm just overjoyed to be able to have a baby and am still in disbelief every day. I think everything will start to settle in more once I feel movement and see my baby for the first time on the ultrasound. I would be having my first ultrasound next week, but had to push it back a week due to my work schedule. I HONESTLY CAN'T WAIT! I should have just kept the first date and called into work, but figured I should save my call-ins for later in my pregnancy when it's harder to move. LOL. 

I almost forgot. Right at the beginning I also had cramping. This is what made me think I was going to get my period because it was a lighter version of my usual menstrual cramps. It also concerned me because the cramping lasted for a good 2 weeks and in the back of my mind I was just hoping it wasn't anything serious (i.e., an impending miscarriage). I also had cramping and a bit of spotting again after my first prenatal appointment when they gave me a pap and stabbed my cervix (lol). It lasted for a day and a half, then stopped. I guess it is pretty normal to bleed after a pap, but my doctor never said anything about it. I plan on telling him it happened at our next checkup. Another dead give away that I was pregnant, was how sore and swollen my boobs got. I've already gone up two cup sizes and that's the only noticeable change in my body thus far. I have a tiny little bump, but it mostly looks like I'm bloated or had a big meal. LOL

As I said previously, I've taken the mindset of whatever happens is meant to happen and I'm trying not to worry about every little sensation and discomfort my body may be going through because every women's pregnancy is different, and this is just my body's way of reacting to pregnancy!

I wish I could have sushi and a beer, but obviously those things are out. Really, I could care less because I'M PREGNANT! I'm so happy I can finally say it out loud to EVERYONE! I'M PREGNANT, I'M PREGNANT, I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!

Let me know if you guys would be interested in weekly updates (i.e., symptom report, belly photos, possible pregnancy vlogs). 

P.S. - Sorry this post was so sporadic. I kept remembering random symptoms and things I've been going through as I was writing. I also read about "pregnancy brain" and seriously think I have a bad case of it. Most of the time I'm in my own little world and totally out of reality and keep forgetting things because I'm just not really paying attention. LOL