What do you think of LUSH?

I have never tried this brand and always neglected to read posts about LUSH products because I didn't really understand what the brand was about. I finally decided to educate myself on the brand and am REALLY REALLY lusting after their products! I have yet to try anything, but I'm curious to know if you have tried this brand, if you liked it, and what your favourite products are? I found out a LUSH store is only 40 minutes away! I'm trying to convince my man to come along with me to do some Christmas shopping tomorrow in hopes that I can pick up some LUSH goodies in the process! Here is a list I've compiled of products I'm considering buying. I would like to look and smell them first (obviously) because the description on the website may not match the expectations I have in my head on each product.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
The Comforter Bubble Bar or Creamy Candy Bubble Bar
Star Melt Bath Melt
Honey I Washed the Kids Soap
I Should Coco Soap
Rock Star Soap
Porridge Soap
Big Shampoo
American Cream Conditioner
Therapy Massage Bar
Mange Too Massage Bar
Soft Coeur Massage Bar
King of Skin Body Butter
Buffy Body Butter
Dream Cream Body Cream

Obviously I won't be purchasing it all, but these are products that caught my eye and I'd like to take a look at once I'm at the store.

Also, I was looking at TROY JENSEN'S blog and fell in love with the makeup he did for Megan Fox for the Jay Leno show. I took these pictures from his blog. You can check out what he used by clicking here. I have a requested Megan Fox FOTD to post, but after I will definitely be doing my own take on this look for a future FOTD! What do you think?