Toronto Haul: MAC, LUSH, FOREVER21...etc.

Sorry I've been MIA for over a week. I've been really busy finishing up shifts with my old job and getting ready for my new one. My last day was Saturday and I spent yesterday celebrating by going to Toronto with my besties and shopping! We are actually planning another trip back in about a months time to do some more damage. I still haven't posted my big haul, but I'm not sure if you want to see it? Let me know. I absolutely love haul posts and youtube videos, but that's just me. I know there are some people out there who don't care for them. I love to see what's out there because I rarely get to go shopping. I have been doing most of my shopping online which isn't the same thing. It's not as fun. Anyways, here is some picks of what I got. I'm at my parents house at the moment and didn't have my camera so the pictures aren't as good quality as I would like them to be, but you'll get the idea. What are some of your favourite purchases you have bought lately?


From LUSH I picked up another Comforter Bubble Bar (because it's my favourite) and a different bath bomb, Vanilla Fountain (because I wasn't too impressed with the Sex Bomb last time I tried it). I also got a sample of Dream Cream (I want to buy this eventually but I have too many moisturizers at home that I'm determined to use them before I buy anything new). Also one of the sales ladies sold me on the "9 Products for $25" package. I wanted to buy a Fresh Face mask and I was looking at the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter so I figured, may as well just spend a bit more and get a bunch of random things in this package. You got to choose which Solid Shampoo you wanted, what face mask and face cream you wanted and everything else was the same in each package. I got the Seanik Solid Shampoo (for flat, dull hair), Cosmetic Lad Facial Moisturizer, and A Crash Course in Skincare Fresh Face Mask (brightens and tightens). I'm really excited to try all my goodies!

From MAC I needed a new 15x palette because two of my palettes were full already and I had to use my quad to store eyeshadows (it was annoying me). I have no blue eyeshadows in my collection because blue eyeshadow use to scare me until I realized what magic it does for my green eyes. I bought Nehru, Deep Truth, Freshwater, Soft Brown and Gleam. I also got Pearl Cream Colour Base because I've never tried one and always wanted to. I love highlighters. I wanted to get By Candlelight MSF but they didn't have any so I will have to buy it online. I'm really excited to try out these eyeshadows!


I've wanted a pair of Lululemons for quite some time now, but really didn't want to spend $98 on a pair. I caved and bought myself some. I bought these specifically for work and I'll probably be ordering a couple more pairs because I love them so much! They are suppose to last for 5 years through serious workouts/exercise. I also got a headband because I always see girls with these and decided I needed to have one for myself.


Skinny jeans from H&M. These are really cute especially with the new boots I bought online from FOREVER21. I always think skinny jeans look unflattering on my body because I have such wide hips, big thighs and the skinniest lower legs and ankles ever! But these actually look alright because they weren't skin tight on my lower legs. I really want a pair in black and dark denim.

A pair of sleep pants that are really light and airy. I also got some hand cream that smells like cupcakes. I seriously want to eat hands...


Never have bought a pair of aviators before because they are always the wrong shape and too pointy for my face. I have a pointy chin so anything that accentuates that is a bad thing, but these work really well with my heart shaped face because they are more rounded at the bottom.


I like to have a green tea every morning. I'm trying to drink more of it because I find it really helps me lose weight and feel good. I love Tinkerbell and bought a big mug last time I was in Toronto with her on it and wanted to get another one. It's a little tradition I'm starting...and you can't have enough big mugs if you are a tea drinker like I am! I love Disney and all the old Disney movies (i.e., Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast) so it always makes me feel like a little kid when I walk into that store.


I'm really into the colour blue at the moment (especially dark blue/navy). I don't own any scarfs, except for one winter one, and this looked beautiful so I had to buy one. It's really light and I can wear it fashionably as opposed to keeping me warm. I've never been into the whole scarf thing, but glad I picked one up. Also love this purple long sweater. It's going to be so cute with leggings.

Jean Jacket I got on sale for $9.99 and the tank tops were $2.50 so I got some good deals. I needed some new black flats and these are really cute and can go with anything. My favourite purchase of the day is the military jacket. It is so soft and beautiful. I got the grey top to go with leggings. I'm obsessed with leggings. I'm also obsessed with hearts. On the zipper is a little jewel encrusted heart.
I love hearts so much that I even have a tattoo of one (my only tattoo) on my hip. I got this a few years ago with my two best friends. They got hearts on their wrists. I think tattoos that have a special meaning to the individual are the best. I know I will never regret having this because my friends and I are all connected forever through ink!

If you are curious about any of the products I purchased and would like a review, just leave me a comment and I'll add it to my "Upcoming Blog Post" list! Have a good one!