MY BIRTHDAY HAUL! ...Pic Heavy!!

Hey Guys!
Here is my Birthday Haul I was talking about. I picked up a bunch of things, randomly, here in there the week before and after my birthday. I got some really good deals, and also picked up a couple things I've been wanting for a while now.

House of Harlow Gold and Black Resin Necklace by Nicole Richie:
I've wanted this necklace FOREVER and finally had some extra cash to spend on it. This is my favourite purchase I made.

Victoria's Secret PINK Hoodies and Pants:
I already had the hoodie in purple, which I showed you guys already which I paid $60 for. These were all on sale for $19 so I got a hoodie in every colour and picked up two pairs of the pants because they are REALLY comfy for lounging around the house.

H&M Cropped Leather Jacket:
This jacket retailed at $59, but I got it 50% off! It fits me PERFECTLY and the shoulders are so cute because they puff up a little. This is very flattering on my body. Normally I have a problem with jackets making me look obese due to my chest, but this actually makes me look slimmer than I am.

Costa Blanca Jean Vest:
After I saw Kim Kardashian with a Jean Vest, I had to buy one for myself. I copied her and paired it with a long white tank and black leggings w/ booties and it look very chic. The vest fits rather large, but I already bought a size down from what I am normally, so I didn't think to go 2 sizes down.

F21 White Lace Tee:
This is so adorable. I'm OBSESSED with lace, if you didn't know already, and this makes me feel very feminine. The front is see through so I paired it with a white tank to go underneath. The pearl detail around the neck is also what sold me. I love pearls.

F21 Black Faux Leather Sandals:
I already bought a bazillion pairs of sandals from F21, but I wanted a black pair.

F21 Mesh Upper Body Suit:
I don't have anything like this in my wardrobe. It's super sexy and will be good for going under pants, skirts...etc.

F21 Tank:
I love the detail on this tank top. IT HAS LACE AT THE BACK OF THE NECK! YAY! haha It fits loose and is perfect for jeans, shorts...etc.

F21 Jean Cut off Skirt:
These were on sale for $15 a piece so I bought both colours. Wish they were a bit longer... a little on the short side for me.

F21 Turquoise Ring:
I'm OBSESSED with turquoise jewelry... I seriously buy everything I see that's turquoise.

F21 Bangle:
Turquoise painted wood...what more can I say. Love it.

F21 Gold Bracelets:
These are really sturdy. I have a pair I bought from ALDO and they were twice as much, and cheaply made. I love the different details on each of the bracelets. I'm also OBSESSED with gold jewelry...looks better with my tan.

And I believe that is all. My parents also bought me an acoustic guitar so I'm learning that! I'm really excited, but the strings hurt my fingers...I wish my fingers were longer too so I could play better. Oh well, practice makes perfect!