NOTD: Eyeko Chi Chi Polish "For Girlie Nails"

I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards purchasing a nail polish like this on my own. I don’t care for super glittery nails and I like the look of cream finishes best. However, I actually liked how it looked on my nails! I had to apply about 4 coats (which is a little excessive) to get the opacity I wanted, but after the 4th coat it started to look pretty good. I had to wait a bit longer for this particular polish to dry because the first time I put it on and let it set the usual amount of time, a couple nails on my right hand smudged. As for removal, I found that it wasn't hard to remove at all. In fact, the polish came off in chunks (not what I wanted). After a day I lost the polish on two whole nails because it just peeled off. Very disappointing because I did like the end result, but don't like having to apply polish every single day.

Unfortunately my past two experiences with Eyeko polish have been disappointing, but I have liked many of their other polishes/formulas. A nice thing about Eyeko is that they have a great range of colours in really cute packaging for a reasonable price. You can visit their site here.