REVIEW: Sigma Makeup

"The Sigma Complete Kit contains professional quality brushes for face and eyes. They are technically perfect and precise. Easy to use, soft and durable. All brushes were carefully hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules." - Sigma

The kit includes 5 face brushes and 7 eye brushes. All brushes are incredibly soft and are made of either natural or synthetic bristles. It retails for $99 on the Sigma website.

Brush Roll: Is made of black synthetic material. It holds up to 15 brushes, has a self fastening closure (magnetized) and is really easy to clean (just wipe a damp cloth over it). This is my first brush roll and it has become very easy to travel with. I select my favourite brushes and I know they will be kept safe in this roll. You can also buy the brush roll separately. It costs $20.

Labels: The numbers use to correspond with the MAC brush numbers, but now they have changed to Sigma’s own brush categorization system. They use the letters “E” and “F” to signify “Eye” and “Face” instead of SS###. I haven't had the brushes long enough to tell you if the writing rubs off, like the MAC ones, but I will keep you updated. It is also helpful that each brush is labeled with what kind of brush it is (i.e., large powder, blending brush...etc.)

Individual Brush Review

Now on to the review of each brush.
If I own the MAC equivalent I will let you know and tell you how it compares.

Large Powder F30: A natural bristle brush which is great for powder products. I've been using with my MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural to set my face. I've also used this for bronzer and blush. I love how fluffy and soft it is and it distributes the right amount of product while blending it in/out at the same time.

Duo Fibre – F50: This brush is identical to the MAC 187. It's a blend of synthetic and natural bristles (hence the name, Duo Fibre). You can use this brush for foundation (which I use my MAC brush for), but I've been using the Sigma one for blush when I want to keep it on the light, natural side. Like all of Sigma's brushes, this is incredibly soft on the skin.

Large Angled Contour F40: I don't own the MAC 168 equivalent, but with this brush I feel I don't need to. It's great for contouring. I own a QUO brush like this and the Sigma one is even more soft and it blends like a dream. This is made of natural bristles.

Foundation F60: I don't own the MAC 190 equivalent, but this is a great foundation brush. I don't typically reach for these brushes for foundation as I find the bristles are too dense and doesn't blend out my makeup into the airbrushed finish I'm looking for, like the Duo Fibre does. This doesn't mean it's a bad brush, just that I don't often reach for it. It's soft and is better quality than the QUO one I own. It's made of synthetic bristles.

Eye Shading E55 – This brush is a cross between a regular eye shadow brush and a fluff brush. It's not entirely dense, but it's not fluffy either. It is made of natural bristles and is incredibly soft. I like how it's not only a shader brush, but can be used to blend out the harsh line your shadow makes (due to its slight fluffyness).

Medium Angled Shading E70 – I've been wanting the MAC brush like this for the longest time, and as soon as I saw that it was in this kit, I was really excited to try it out. It says it's to be used for highlighting underneath the eyebrow and on the inner corners of the eyes. I find it’s great for outer corner work. I love to make my eyeshadow angled to achieve a “cat eye” look and this brush helps me achieve that effortlessly. This brush is made out of natural bristles.

Pencil E30 – This is equivalent to the MAC 219 and is made of natural bristles. This was the only brush I didn’t think compared to the MAC brush. It was a bit too big and the natural bristles weren’t as compact as the 219 making it difficult to smudge under my eye and distribute colour since I didn't have quite the control that my MAC 219 has.

Tapered Blending E40 – This is equivalent to the MAC 224 and is made out of natural bristles. I actually liked this brush BETTER than my MAC 224. My MAC 224 is a bit scratchy and this one is incredibly soft, thus better for blending. I was really impressed with this brush.

Large Shader E60 – This brush is made of natural bristles and is great for covering a large area with eyeshadow. It's well made, soft and works well at putting a highlight under your brow bone as well.

Concealer F70 – I’ve never used a concealer brush before as I find I have better control and blendability with my ring finger, however, this does the job well. It's a great size because it is large enough to cover large areas (like under my eyes) yet small enough to cover blemishes. This is made of synthetic bristles.

Eye Liner E05 – This is great for detail work. I don't own such a small, precise brush and this is great staple to my brush collection. It works well for eyeliner, but since I like to wing out my liner 99% of the time, I prefer using a small angled brush. This is made of synthetic bristles and is handy to have, especially now around halloween when I will be using this for my avatar makeup.

Small Angle E65 – Can be used for cream liner. I absolutely LOVE to use this to fill in brows. It is the perfect combination of soft, yet firm synthetic bristles and fills in the front of my brow soft and even. I prefer this angled brush for brow work over my MAC 266 and my Makeup Up For Ever Brow Brush! It is absolutely THE perfect size, shape, and softness for brow work in my opinion.

Sigma also sent me two other gifts for review. The Sigma dazzle heart pocket mirror in “Pink Safari” and the Flat Top Kabuki. Both products are great for travel and well made. I keep these in my purse for touch ups throughout the day.

Overall I’m really impressed with the quality of sigma brushes and can honestly say that I would purchase a sigma brush over a MAC brush since the price is much more affordable and the quality is just as good in my opinion.

To place your own order go to I just purchased the Professional Premium Kit which contains 15 different brushes. It retails for $149, but at the moment, Tiffany, from MakeupByTiffanyD has offered a coupon code where you get $20 off this brush set! Just type in PREMIUM at the checkout. Offer expires October 31st!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for consideration only. Review is my honest opinion.