Wedding Update!... the Hall...THE DRESS!

Hey everyone!
This is my first wedding post and I'm really excited to share with you all the things that have been going on in regards to my wedding. My wedding is not for another 9 months (July 23rd, 2011), but planning is in full swing. I will be going to a wedding show at the end of the month where I hope to find a photographer, designer, cake maker...etc. I've decided to share with you the dress I picked out as I have lectured Charles not to go snooping and get a glimpse before the wedding date (it's bad luck hehe).

[[Photo Deleted]]
A-line, strapless sweetheart neckline, with layered scalloped lace and silk satin arched empire band.
Lace is lightly beaded with Swarovski Crystals
Button up back
Dress will be White not Ivory

I have ordered a long veil with white trim/ribbon around the edge which matches the ribbon under the bust. I have also purchased satin shoes with very little heel which are extremely comfortable, yet stylish. I left them at my parents house and unfortunately I didn't take a picture.

I want my hair half up, half down with loose waves. Kinda like what Jessica Simpson had when she married Nick Lachey.

I have three bridesmaids, my best friends Jasmine, Melissa and Rachel. I'm between 5'6"-5'7" and they are all well over 5'9"! I'm going to have one tall bridal party haha. I picked out strapless, floor length gowns with a small train in the colour champagne. They all look phenomenal in the gown. I've heard of brides who want to make the bridesmaids look like crap so they can look better, but I want them all to look HOT!

I've also picked out the hall. Well, ACTUALLY, my Dad picked out the hall. I went to visit it yesterday when I had my wedding tasting and it is absolutely breathtaking! Good job Dad! I wish I would have taken pictures, but there was a wedding going on at the time so I didn't bother. Here is photo taken off their website:

Food wise we will be having a buffet. Soup will be plated first followed by the buffet where there will be a ton to choose from: rolls, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, sea food tray, caesar salad, greek salad, pasta salad, spring mix, chicken w/ mushroom sauce, prime rib, salmon w/ hollandaise, roast potatoes, rice, cooked seasonal vegetables, various cakes, pastries, pies...etc. It was ridiculous how much food we got to sample at the tasting and the chef sat down with us and discussed everything we choose along with his recommendations. I'm really starting to get excited!

As for design and decor, I have some ideas, but definitely want to hire a decorator. I want to stick with neutral colours white and champagne. I was thinking of having flowers submerged in water vases as centerpieces. Something like this picture below (not these flowers though):

My cousin offered to DJ my wedding for free (booze) with two of his friends. They do clubs in Toronto and it will be nice for my parents to not have to worry about that expense (they are footing the bill). As more and more of the plans get finalized I will keep you updated! I will most likely be having an outdoor gazebo wedding, weather permitting of course, so lets cross our fingers that July 23rd will be sunny (and not too hot since my dress is super heavy haha)!