What's In My Purse?

Hey Guys!
I did one of these posts awhile back and decided to update it. As you know, I purchased my first Louis Vuitton a couple weekends ago and I'm soooo excited! I decided to get the Monogram Speedy 35 because it's a classic and will never go out of style IMO. Here is what you can find in my purse on a daily basis!

Notice how everything is black? You can see the trend here. I never planned it it's just coincidental. I'll probably be switching out my wallet soon anyways as I've been looking into getting a Michael Kors Wallet. Initially I wanted an LV multicolore wallet to go with my purse, but it's a little out of my price range at the moment.

MK wallet I want

MAC Small Nylon Makeup Bag, ALDO Quilted Black Wallet, BlackBerry Curve, IPOD Touch, Chanel Sunglasses, Keys for LV Lock, H&M Leather Gloves

And yes, I did splurge and ended up getting the Chanel sunglasses I wanted. ♥

Inside my MAC Nylon Bag is where I keep all my small items and makeup. Intially I bought this just for my makeup, but with my LV there are basically no little compartments I can store my gum, hand sanitizer...etc.

The only makeup I keep regularly in my purse are my MAC blot powder, lipstick and lipgloss. Currently I've been using MAC Jazzed Lipstick with MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Lipgloss over top. I also have Blistex Lip Medix (which is the ONLY lipchap I use...it actually repairs chapped lips, it doesn't just lock in moisture). I have a rollerball version of Viva La Juicy, Tide-t0-go pen (I love this thing because I tend to attract stains), Eye drops (because I have really dry eyes from contact lens wearing), Sigma Retractable Kabuki, Gum, Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer.

What's in your purse?