REVIEW: Luminess Air - Airbrush Cosmetics System

Hey Guys!
I have never tried Air Brush makeup, whether it be on myself or on another person, so I was really excited to receive the Luminess Air Brush System in the mail. I read the instruction booklet first, unpacked all the product and popped in the instructional dvd that came with the starter kit. Everything seemed simple enough to do. As soon as I felt I was all informed, I plugged in the compressor and starting airbrushing right away. As long as you follow a few key points, it is almost impossible to not achieve a flawless face. 

  • keep the stylus moving
  • hold back on the trigger lightly
  • let dry between layers
  • shake bottles before use
  • CLEAN stylus after use
What I love about Airbrush makeup is that you need very little product to achieve airbrushed skin so your face feels light and clean, not heavy and cakey.