OOTD: Feeling Blue

Hey Guys!
As promised, I will be posting more OOTDs. This outfit is from last weekend. A follower asked me how I would pair my new blue suede heels and initially I was planning on wearing them with a black dress as a pop of colour for a night out, but decided on making a more casual, day-time look. The shoe colour looks A LOT better in person. I also thought that the shoe would look better with a different wash of jean, but I only have a few pairs that fit me at the moment. I need to go jean shopping BADLY!

The one thing I really like about this outfit, is the amount of layering going on. Since there is so many layers, this outfit is very versatile. This is something I would consider wearing when going out of town as I can easily remove layers depending on what I'm doing (i.e., shopping, dinner, clubbing...etc.) The jacket makes the outfit more formal, wearas the chiffon blouse can pass as formal/casual. The jeggings make the outfit casual as well. The corset just adds a touch of sexiness under the chiffon blouse, and could be worn just with the jeggings for a night on the town. I love the shape of the corset and wear it often under many clothing pieces which are sheer as it is strapless and has an amazing cut.