MAC Eyeshadow Swatches

Hey Guys!
I decided to update my MAC Palette post as I was unhappy with the quality of photos and I have quite a bit more eyeshadows that need to be included. My palettes are my pride and joy of my makeup collection. MAC eyeshadows are my favourite product to buy, if you can't tell from the many I already own. LOL I have more permanent shadows than limited edition, so this should help those of you who are interested in purchasing a new shadow, but would like a swatch/photo first. I mostly own neutrals as I rarely wear colour. Regardless, hope this helps you out! Let me know your favourite MAC eyeshadows/eyeshadow combinations or if there is any that I'm missing that you think I'd like.

I have nine (9) palettes in total, 8 of which I'm in the process of filling, and one I switch up the pans that are in it depending on what colours I'm using frequently. My everyday palette which I switch up does not have any labels as it would be pointless for me to take the time to do that as the colours are constantly rotating. The other 8 palettes are labeled so that I can easily find a colour I'm looking for. I use to be able to look at every shadow and tell you what the name was just by the appearance, but now I'm starting to have a harder time doing that since my collection has expanded quite a bit.

Example of my labeling system

Above is an example of what I currently have in my "Everyday" Palette. These are the colours I gravitate to the most for a quick, neutral eye that I can put together effortlessly without having to search through my palettes for a particular eyeshadow. Now onto my actual palettes. You will notice that there are spots that are labeled without containing an actual eyeshadow. Those spots are missing because that particular eyeshadow is in my "Everyday" palette. If you are interested in seeing what it looks like in pan form, please refer back to the above picture. Swatches are labeled left to right, top to bottom, but I will write them below for quick reference.

Left to Right: Gesso, Crystal Avalanche, Phloof!, Solar White (LE), Vanilla, Blanc Type, Short Shorts (LE), Shroom, Dazzlelight, Brule, Nylon, Ricepaper

Left to Right: Naked Lunch, Jest, Grain, Bamboo, Samoa Silk, Arena, Era, All That Glitters, Gleam, Honesty, Honey Lust

Left to Right: Moleskin (LE), Wedge, Tete-A-Tint, Soft Brown, Soba, Cork, Patina, Texture, Outre (LE), Sable, Woodwinked, Tempting, Romp, Bronze

Left to Right: Sparkle Neely Sparkle! (LE), Brown Script, Mulch, Sorcery, Espresso, Brun, Twinks, Folie, Sketch, Embark

Left to Right: Electra, Swell Baby (LE), Groundcover (LE), Copperplate, Satin Taupe, Club, Gazette Grey (LE), Smoke & Diamonds (LE), Print, Smut, Knight Divine, Typographic, Black Tied, Carbon

 Left to Right: Coppering, Saffron (LE), Rule, Amber Lights, Goldmine, Going Bananas (LE), Chrome Yellow, Yogurt, Paradisco, Expensive Pink, Swish, Sushi Flower

 Left to Right: Aquavert, Hocus Pocus (LE), Bows & Curtseys (LE), Parsian Skies (LE), Tilt, Blue Candy (LE), Freshwater, Royale (LE), Deep Truth, Contrast, Nehru