November Favourites

Hey Guys!
Sorry I'm a bit late with the November Favourites. This is only going to be a quick post as I plan on going in detail about most of these products in future reviews and an updated skincare routine. My focus this month has mainly been on skincare as I have not purchased too many new items in terms of makeup. Products I've been loving this month include:

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector: A new HG product of mine. I've been looking for a Dark Spot Corrector, and initially had my eye on the Clinique one, but it was a bit too pricey for my budget at the moment so when I saw Garnier came out with their own version, I quickly went on a hunt for one. When I was looking, they were always sold out at Walmart so I picked up my first tube at Shoppers for a bit more money than what it costs at Walmart. At Shoppers, this retails for $20.99, and I got it on sale for $16.99, and at Walmart it is under $13! I saw instant benefits with this product. This doesn't say it is for pores, but I found my pores are much less noticeable since using this. Also, after only a few days of use the freckles on my forehead which I got from a really bad burn diminished, as did a few acne scars I wanted to get rid of. I loved this stuff so much I ended up picking up another tube for Charles. Will have a more in depth review on this in the next couple weeks.

MAC Cleanse Off Oil: I bought the travel size of this a while ago, but never got around to using it. Another new HG skincare product. This is my favourite makeup remover EVER! It works instantly to remove hard to remove makeup (i.e., waterproof mascara, longwear foundations...etc.) and smells like a delicious dessert. I love love LOVE this stuff. If you are looking for a good makeup remover, use this. I hardly ever say YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS, but seriously, you really should check this out.

Clarisonic Plus: I received this at the end of the month, but I can already tell that this is another new HG skincare product of mine. My skin feels cleaner and smoother since using this. I have yet to try the body brush that came with the Plus, but plan on using it for exfoliating prior to self tanning. It has only been a couple weeks, but I can't wait to see the long term benefits for my skin. I will also be doing a full review on this in the upcoming weeks.

There are a ton of products I've been loving lately, but these are the three that really stood out to me, to the point of becoming HG (Holy Grail) products. With this said, I will be updating my "Favourite Products" page, as many of you have been requesting that I do this. I will let you know when the page is fully updated!