Coach Rain Boots for $45!

Hey Guys!
A little while ago I was shopping at my local Winners and I came across some Coach Rain Boots. I actually ordered a pair of rain boots on Aldo a few weeks before, but they under stocked them and they never ended up shipping. I was aggravated at the time, but I'm actually glad I didn't get them because I like these Coach ones much better. 

Initially I picked the boots up to try them, liked them, and proceeded to flip them over to see who the designer was. When I realized they were Coach, I said "No way" because the tag was initially priced at $79.99, however, the pair of size 7's I had in hand were marked down further to $45. These were the only pair marked down to $45, and these boots retail for $110+ at Coach so I definitely snagged a good deal. Here are a few pics:

They aren't anything special, plain black with a clear rubber sole. However, these have come in really handy as the winter has been really mild, wet, and muddy! Sorry Jenn for not getting this up sooner ;)