Maybelline Baby Lips + Swatches

Hey Guys!
I hopped on the bandwagon and picked up a few of the new Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms when they first came out. I ended up getting 3 varieties: Peppermint, Cherry Me, and Peach Kiss. I am a lip balm junkie and pretty much try every new lip balm that comes out because I wear them every day and before bed. I don't wear tinted varieties before going to bed so that is why I picked up the shade Peppermint which is clear and perfectly scented for nighttime after I just brushed my teeth and want a fresh smelling mouth. 



No more basic lip balm:
• Visibly renewed lips and 8-hr hydration
• The secret: Exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20
• Protects and moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours
• After 4 weeks, lips are visibly renewed and reborn
• 6 varieties


Apply your lip balm by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

After reading the product information, I didn't realize there was a "best way" to put these lip balms on. Typically I just smear it on my lips and don't really think about it. I don't see how putting it on a certain way would do anything beneficial. I guess by doing this it would apply some of the less sheer colours more evenly (i.e., Cherry Me), but I think it would be more beneficial for the company to give a reason WHY this would provide best results. 

I haven't used this consistently for 4 weeks, so I can't say my lips are "visibly renewed and reborn". The texture is a bit slippery/oily, and I don't feel like it's really "sinking in" and benefitting my lips in any way. If you have dry, chapped lips, I would stick with Blistex (my go to lip balm) which actually works on lips right away, as opposed to 4 weeks of constant wear. I really like that these are tinted lip balms, but tinted lip balm isn't a new concept. I love the colours I picked up. Cherry Me is a "no brainer" wash of sheer red lip colour that you don't have to worry about smearing or getting on your teeth. If you are timid about rocking a red lip, try Cherry Me first since it is very sheer and natural. Peach Kiss is also beautiful. I knew I would like this one instantly because peach is my favourite lip colour to wear. I think these products will get a lot of love come the warmer months. These will be great for the beach or pool since they have SPF 20 and will still give you a nice sheer wash of colour without looking like you are trying too hard with a full face of makeup. Each variety smells and tastes like the name. Cherry Me is a little too strong for my liking, but I don't notice it too much after having it on for a few minutes. 

From Left to Right: Peppermint, Peach Kiss, Cherry Me
As for the packaging, I like the two-tone colours and think they look cute. If you are looking for a balm that moisturizes and benefits the lips, I would look elsewhere as these really don't do anything for me. If you like sheer colour and SPF, I would definitely recommend them because the shades are pretty and an SPF on your lips is never a bad thing. As for repurchasing, I probably won't. I have 3 varieties to last me the summer months so I don't think I will be needing any more after I run out.