imPRESS Press-on Manicure by Broadway Nails

Hey Guys!
I saw the imPress Press-On Manicure Nails by Broadway at my local Walmart a little over a month ago and new I wanted to pick up a pair or two to try out over the holidays. The deep red, shown in this post, and the hot pink nails caught my eye the most. I am not a big fan of prints on nails so those weren't of interest to me. I wish the company had more solid colours to choose from. I went back over my Christmas Holidays to see if they had the red ones I was looking at in stock, and they did, so I picked up a set to try. 


First thing first, I have never tried press-on nails before so I have nothing to compare this to. The package is in a little nail polish bottle which is really cute. I think they marketed these nails really well on product design alone. I paid around $8 for a set, which is much cheaper and more affordable than getting your nails done at the salon. Generally I have pretty crappy nails so the idea of press-ons that last a week and I can use for special occasions really appeals to me. I thought these were perfect for the holidays. The package comes with 24 nails of 12 different sizes. I had no problem finding appropriate sizes. One suggestion, if you are deciding between one that is a tad too big, or a tad too small, go with the tad to small because it will look better and fit snugger. 


These are definitely "fast & easy" as the product suggests. As far as application is concerned, all you do is wipe the alcohol cloth across each of your nails to clean the service before you take off the plastic shield of the nail, and press and hold it to your own nail. Upon application, these felt really secure on my natural nail. My pinky, thumb, ring, and one of my middle fingers lasted me the full 7 days and probably could have stuck around longer if I didn't end up peeling them off. My two index fingers and one of my middle fingers presented problems in terms of lasting. The package gives enough nails so that if one does come off, you can find the "next best thing" and re-press it on your finger. The entire set of nails lasting me the 7 days, if you count me having to constantly re-press my index and middle fingers. Silly things like pulling on my jeans would end up popping a nail off. Also, you can't do pretty much anything involving putting pressure on your nails (i.e., picking off a sticker on a product) or else you have the potential of losing a nail. I ended up buying these a second time, in a purple/pink colour for New Years Eve. They didn't even last me the full night. I am undecided whether I would buy these for a third time or not. If I was on holidays again, I think I would consider it or for a special occasion since these are very affordable, but you have to be extra precautious when wearing these, which I am not. 




These did look really fantastic on. I love the high shine of the nail and they easy come clean. I was painting one of our spare bedrooms and got paint all over my nails and it came off effortlessly. The nails are a touch too long for my personal preference, but this is only because I have really shallow nail beds. You also may be wondering if these ruin your natural nail or not. THEY DO NOT RUIN YOUR NAIL! This is a major factor for me, as I am turned off acrylics or any nail product that stripes the nail. I just peeled around the edges and they came off quite easily. Some presented a little more trouble coming off, but all you need is a little nail polish remover and it eats away at the adhesive/nail making it easy to remove.