Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray Review

Hey Guys!
After watching both Jessica Burciaga's and Ramona Michelle's hair tutorials with Etienne Ortega, I decided I needed more Paul Mitchell hair products in my life. I already had the gloss drops Etienne used in both videos, but I had yet to try the Extra Body Mousse and the Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray. I'm in love with both products, but if I had to recommend only one, I would say get the hair spray over the mousse as I feel it does the most for my hair. 

What it does:
Provides all-day hold with maximum volume
Adds high shine, fullness and texture
Fights frizz in any climate and protects hair from sun damage
Thickening ingredients grip every strand for added volume and texture

Lately I've been using my Croc Hybrid 1 1/4" Curling Iron to create loose curls. I let the hair spray work its magic on creating volume by flipping my head over, spraying my hair lightly and then flipping it back and I have MASSIVE volume. The only other time my hair looks this big is when I apply my Foxy Locks Hair Extensions. No extensions were needed to create the volume I'm looking for! I am extremely blown away by this hair spray. The product is fairly pricey. I don't think I have ever spent so much on a hair spray before. I ended up purchasing this at Trade Secrets for 20% off $29.95 since they were having a sale on Paul Mitchell hair products. Though it is expensive, it is well worth the price, in my opinion, and I will continue to repurchase this until I find a replacement, if/when that ever happens. Not only does it give incredible volume, but it gives long lasting volume as well. My hair stays full and lush all day and doesn't fall flat. Also, the product smells good and you don't need to spray a lot of product in order for it to do its job!

Retail Value: $29.95 for 11 oz.

The Results:

I can't get enough of this hair spray! I also used this product last night when I went to Niagara Falls for one of my besties birthdays.

I'm in love!
The cheap, sleazy hotel we checked into actually had a heart shaped tub in our room. I didn't know these things actually existed! LOL Had to have a photoshoot...obviously

Have you tried Paul Mitchell hair products before?