MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Haul + First Impressions

Hey Guys!
As many of you know, I've been DYING for the release of the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection since I first heard about it. In fact, I was so excited for this collection that as soon as I heard it was being released online September 27th, I stalked the website until it was available for purchase. I ended up getting all but one product on my list, which a friend was actually able to snag for me today! The collection sold out the first day online and I expect many MAC counters to sell out equally as fast. I know my two local MAC counters are already sold out of these products. With this said, I thought I'd still share a quick post with all the products I received, along with swatches and my initial impressions. I was planning on doing full reviews on many of the products, but because the collection is already sold out, I really don't care to review products that people can't go out and buy.

Many people have been commenting on the packaging and there are those who like it, and those who dislike it. I happen to be one of the people who LOVE the packaging. Yes, the images aren't the typical  "well known" Marilyn images, but that's exactly why I love it. I actually haven't seen these images before prior to the release of this collection. The boxes are adorned with the same image that comes on each of the products. Also, when you flip open the box, there is a little kiss on the flap. So cute!


I only have four of the five lipsticks to share as the fifth lipstick, Love Goddess, is currently awaiting for me at my friends house. Love Goddess is a beautiful red/pink, which I don't already own anything like, so I am very excited that I was able to eventually get my hands on one. I already own Pure Zen prior to the release of it for the Marilyn Monroe Collection, but decided to get it in the MM packaging as well for a backup. The colour isn't anything out of the ordinary and I already own a million similar nudes. I wouldn't say Pure Zen is a must buy. I love all three of the reds I currently have on hand: Charmed I'm Sure, Deeply Adored, and Scarlet Ibis. Scarlet Ibis reminds me a lot of Lady Danger, my all time favourite red. In my opinion, all the lipsticks are great and I'm glad I was able to snag them before they sold out. I passed on the dazzle glasses all together because the colours didn't interest me in the slightest. 


If I could give you one piece of advice, PASS on the eyeshadows. I heard the quality was poor, but decided to order them anyways. They are GARBAGE. How to Marry and Showgirl are better quality than Preferred Blonde and Silver Screen, but still leave much to be desired. I think MAC could have done such an amazing job at creating a range of colours and finishes for Marilyn Monroe eyeshadows, but failed miserably. Such a disappointment. I still plan on keeping them and using them ONLY because they have Marilyn Monroe on them...otherwise, these babies would be going straight back to the store.

From left to right: Forever Marilyn BP, How to Marry e/s, Preferred Blonde e/s, Silver Screen e/s, Showgirl e/s
The swatches make the eyeshadows look have decent, but they were LOADED on and rubbed into my skin to even out the colour. The texture is very poor, chalky, and fallout central. Three of the four colours basically look the same when lightly swatched beside each other. My advice: PASS.


Along with the lipsticks, the blushes are probably my favourite thing in this collection. Both colours give a subtle sheen and glow to the skin, have wonder pigmentation and a beautiful formula to work with. These effortlessly blend into the skin and are both beautiful colours to boot.

Left to Right: A Perfect Cheek, Legendary.
Not the best swatches as I was losing my natural lighting, but will have some FOTDs using both in the future.


I'm a BIG fan of MAC Beauty Powders and this BP is no exception. I love the colour, though it is light and fairly matte, it works beautifully as a highlight. I don't own ANYTHING like this in my collection so I was really excited to snag one. The packaging is to die for and I think the name "Forever Marilyn" is amazing. I will tell you now that I will NEVER back to mac using this packaging. 

Overall, this collection was a big hit with me. I can't tell you how many times my friends and I discussed how our dream collection would be "Marilyn Monroe". Yes, I was disappointed in the eyeshadows, EXTREMELY disappointed to be quite honest, but I do love the packaging and other products and think MAC did a great job on those. I can't believe my dreams have finally come true and MAC decided to release a collection dedicated to the late and great, Marilyn Monroe. Every time I use one of these products I will have a huge smile on my face. Be on a lookout for a Marilyn Monroe FOTD in the near future...