Black Friday Shopping

Hey Guys!
I ended up doing some online shopping on Black Friday and decided to take some screen shots of my orders. Once I receive everything in the mail I will be doing a collective haul video as I have been doing a ton of shopping in preparation for Christmas and for my vacation next month. For those of you who don't know, I will be going to Cancun for a week with my husband. I wanted to get some new clothes for my trip and a lot of the clothes I wanted were already on sale, but I decided to wait until Black Friday to see if there was a discount and I'm so happy I waited because there WAS tons of discounts and I picked up a bunch of my sale items at a discount!

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is one of my favourite sites to shop at, if not my favourite. They have great brands and they are Canadian friendly. You never have to pay for shipping if you by only $50 worth of product. A lot of sites you have to buy a lot more product to get free shipping. Typically I refuse to place an order, this goes for anywhere, if I have to pay shipping. Anyways, Nasty Gal was offering 25% off shoes! I remember a couple weeks ago I was going to buy the Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Litas since they were 50% off, but ended up passing. I'm glad I waited because there was an extra 25% off of the already fantastic 50% off! As you can see, I ended up getting my new litas for $70 CAD. This was probably one of the best deals I scored. I also picked up a romper that was on sale because I thought it would look cute on vacation. Also, I picked up a very hippie inspired top which I plan on wearing to the beach. Can't wait to receive this order in the mail!


Karmaloop always has an excellent Black Friday sale. I believe last year I also placed an order. Unfortunately with Karmaloop, I have to pay boarder fees because they ship with DHL which comes straight to my door. I always take this into consideration before placing an order. The more you spent Black Friday, the more percent you got off your order. I ended up going for the buy $75, get 20% off. I had another pair of shorts in my cart, but they sold out in my size before I was able to place my order. They were my least wanted item so it wasn't too big of a deal. I've been eyeing both of these items for a while now. The ring wasn't on sale, but I did get 20% off at checkout. The shorts are probably one of the items I'm most excited for. Typically I wear a size 27 pants, but I ended up with a 29 in shorts because I have thick thighs and when I buy shorts I have to go up a couple sizes just so my thighs don't look "choked" lol. If they are too big, I will wear a belt, but I think I'll be fine. The shorts were normally $86, but they were 38% off, PLUS the additional 20%. You may notice I have a lot of "tye dye"/"hippie" inspired clothing in my orders. I don't know what it is, I'm just into the bright, colourful look at the moment and think it will look great in Mexico. 

Use REP CODE: CHERYL for an additional 1% off at checkout!

I kept hearing about this site Tobi from many of my fellow vloggers, so I decided to check it out. Currently they have a 40% off promotion going on, but if you are a new member, you can get 50% off your first order (which is what I did). Tobi has designer brands at a discount, PLUS the 50% discount is a great bargain (some brands are not discounted). I placed a fairly large order. I'm not going to go through everything I purchased, but I picked up a lot of rings (knuckle rings), a pair of wedge sneakers (FINALLY), and a few tops for my vacation. This was my first time ordering off of Tobi, but I can see it becoming a new favourite site of mine. I noticed some of the Nasty Gal models were featured on this site as well, so I know the clothing they have is right up my alley. 

My coupon code won't work for you. You will have to join the site to become a member and then they will send you your own unique code to use on your first order!

I think I may also place an order on Sun Labs for some more tanning lotion because they currently have 50% off of everything. I still have to pay shipping and duty to Canada, so I keep debating not doing it, but I think I may suck it up and just place an order anyways because 50% off Sun is a great bargain.

If you went Black Friday shopping, what was the best deal/favourite purchase you made?