IKEA Vanity Redecoration and Makeup Storage

Hey Guys!
A lot of you have been asking questions about my new IKEA Vanity that I put together this past weekend after I posted a photo of it on my instagram. To answer all your questions, I will be putting the names, prices, and links to all the products I picked up from IKEA so that you can easily navigate the website and find the pieces I purchased. I hope this gives you ideas for your own vanity and makeup storage! I am so excited I finally have a nice system in place. It is also the perfect set up for taking quality photos for my blog. I love how everything is all white, crisp and clean looking. I'm am already in the process of writing reviews for my blog so check back for those! Enjoy!

I have before and after video if you watch my "IKEA Vanity Redecoration and Makeup Storage" video at the bottom of this post.