Cherry Culture NYX HAUL + Swatches! (PIC HEAVY)

Okay, so I ordered this on November 27 and it FINALLY arrived yesterday. One thing I hate about Cherry Culture is that it takes so long for the package to arrive in Canada. I swear they hold it at the border because the amount of cosmetics I get make up a bomb somehow... LOL I had over 2x the amount of product than this, but half was my friend Jasmine's (who is starting a blog, but hasn't made a post yet so I will let you all know the link when she actually has something to read).

I got quite a bit of product because it was 20% off the entire website! NYX is already cheap as it is, but this was dirt cheap. I honestly don't know why I buy so much high end products when I can get 10 things from NYX for the price of 1 high end item.

I know this is random, but does anyone have a remedy for a dry, scratchy throat? I wake up at night and it is sooo irritating it's hard to get back to sleep. I've tried drinking tea w/ honey and it works for a little bit, but then the dry, scratchy feeling comes back. I thought maybe I was dehydrated, but since I've been drinking plenty of liquids...I think I'm just coming down with something :( It never seems to fail that I get sick for the holidays! *sigh

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! What are your favourite NYX items?


Glitter Creme Palette: This was really cheap at around $4 and I can see why. The consistency isn't the greatest and it's a bit hard to work with if you want precise placement and an even distribution of glitter. I'm also thinking that these aren't eye safe, but I could be wrong. With that said, I still think it's a really pretty palette and I'll be using it for an FOTD when I go out New Years Eve.

Ceramic Trio: A nice grey palette good for a smokey eye for day and night. The middle and far right colours are too similar IMO. I guess the far right one is a bit more shimmery. However, I absolutely LOVEEEE the middle grey colour and can see myself using this palette a lot! The colours are pigment, smooth and easy to blend! One of my favourites in this order.

Ultra Pearl Mania:
I actually like the consistency of these better than MAC pigments! NYX are more finely milled. A great alternative to the pricey MAC pigments! Nude Pearl Pigment is fairly close to MAC Naked pigment, but a bit lighter and with no big glitter/sparkles! I was really impressed with all the pigments and will be picking up some more in the future.

Nail Polishes: These were really cheap so I decided to pick up a couple polishes for detail work. I've never really taken the time to do details on my nails before, but I gave it a go anyways. I ended up giving myself a manicure with the pink nail polish and silver glitter detail. I really love these polishes! I only used one coat of the Sinful Colours and it came out beautifully. I will definitely be buying more.

Round Lip Glosses: Only bought a couple of these this time. I'm in love with "Apricot". It is so pretty.

Round Lipstick: I absolutely love NYX Round Lipstick. They are so cheap, good quality, and stay on my lips a fair amount of time (depending on the colour). My favourites this order are Power, Louisiana, and Pumpkin Pie. Snow White is THE perfect red!

I'm really happy with all my purchases :) I <3 Cherry Culture & NYX!

NYX Glitter Creme Palette in "Royal Violets"

NYX Eyeshadow Trio in "Ceramic"

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in White, Nude, and Walnut

NYX Nude Pearl and Walnut Pearl (bottom row) compared to MAC Naked and Chocolate Brown Pigment (top row)

LA Colors Art Deco Nail Polish in "Silver Glitter" and "Purple/Blue Glitter" and Sinful Colors in "Beautiful Girl"

NYX Round Lipgloss in "Ballerina Pink" and "Apricot"

From Left to Right: Louisiana, Narcissus, Strawberry Milk, Power, Pumpkin Pie, Iris, Circe, Snow White