NARS Albatross Blush vs. MAC Solar White Eyeshadow

Hey Guys!
I got my first pay Friday so I've been out this weekend shopping! I didn't go too crazy or anything, but here are a couple items I picked up yesterday when I hung out with the girls. I picked up a Victoria's Secret PINK zip up hoodie. It's super soft and the colour really complements my skin and hair. FINALLY...I got my hands on NARS Albatross. I was really excited. I wanted to buy Lovejoy and Amour, but figured spending $100 on blush at once is a bit excessive and I'm trying to watch my spending.

As you know, MAC Solar White eyeshadow is my FAVOURITE eyeshadow EVER! I've been drooling over Albatross and now I know why. It's a great dupe for Solar White! Albatross is like Solar White, but for your face! Now I won't have to cry when my Solar White is all gone because now I have a good replacement. Albatross is a little more gold/darker than Solar White, but not by much. If you look up close you can tell, but from a distance they are virtually identical. What are some of your favourite NARS products? I'm really loving the brand at the moment.