REVIEW: L'Oreal Lash Boosting Serum

Hey Guys!
I'm so excited to finally let you know about my results with L'Oreal's Lash Boosting Serum! Let me start off by saying it WORKS! It's been about 3-4 weeks now and I definitely see results. My lash line is much fuller now compared to before. I was very skeptical to try this because one of the main ingredients is alcohol and I thought that would just dry out my lashes, causing them to be brittle and fall out easier. This was not the case at all.

The package says to apply it morning (prior to mascara) and at night. However, I just applied it at night because when I used it in the morning prior to mascara, my mascara became clumpy and my lashes looked like garbage. I skipped a bunch of days (approx. 5) because I was too tired and forgot, but I still ended up seeing results. The applicator is made of sponge and is very easy to use. I would just brush it on my upper lashes like I was putting on mascara and then bring it across my lash line like eyeliner.

I'm showing you pictures with mascara because you can tell better with these compared to the pictures I took without mascara.