Halloween How To: Snooki from Jersey Shore!

A couple weekends ago I attended a "Jersey Shore" themed party. I'm a sucker for themed parties. I love dressing all crazy and going all out with makeup, hair...etc. I wasn't planning on making a post about this, but since Halloween is coming up, I thought it might give some people an idea of how to dress like Snooki for Halloween. Here are some tips on how to get the "Snooki" look. Hope you enjoy! It was really fun to do :)

Note: I forgot all hair products at home or else I was going to do the signature "Snooki" poof. I remember seeing a picture of her with this "Faith" hat I already had so I decided to just throw that on. I also forgot all my makeup brushes so this look was achieved with ONLY my fingers! I personally think it added to the look I was going for...haha

#1 - Makeup musts include dark eyeshadow/eyeliner and nude lips
#2 - Large hoop earrings
(bejeweled sunglasses, or white sunglasses are a must)

#3 - A tight outfit with lots of cleavage. Ripped white jeans I thought were appropriate for the occasion.
Anything "Ed Hardy" is also an excellent option.
Not sure why I decided to pose with a gun
. Random prop I guess.

#4 - A Juiced Guido

#5 - A Killer Tan (4 coats of self tanner to be exact. Didn't wash it off, just left the house with the colour guide on!)
#6 - Grey Goose Vodka

#7 - Hot pink nails
#8 - Fist pumping

This post was just for fun, hope you enjoy! Have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween this year? I already have my outfit ready! Here's a clue to what I'm being: it's based on a VERY popular movie that came out this past year!