REVIEW: Eyeko Cream w/ Extra Glow

I’ve only used Eyeko Nail Polishes before and have yet to try any of their other products so I was excited to try their 3 in 1 cream for moisturizing, highlighting and eye cream. As soon as I opened the jar and swatched it on my skin I couldn’t even imagine using it as an eye cream of face cream. Though I had my doubts, I tried it on my eyes and face and definitely can’t see myself, or anyone, using this as a moisturizer. It made me feel like I was putting Benefit High Beam all over my face. This product has a 6 month expiration date for a large 28 ml/1 fl oz jar. If I use this soley as I highlighter I will not make much of a dent in the product before it expires. As a highlighter, it works well. I like to put this on the tops of my cheek bones to give my face an extra glow. In comparison to Benefits High Beam, I would definitely chose High Beam over Extra Glow. Extra Glow IS more apparent on your skin, more pink, and more chunky than High Beam. High Beam is much easier to blend in and is more subtle.

PRICE: £8.00

PACKAGING: I don't like dipping my fingers in a jar, it's not very sterile. I would prefer this in a squeeze tube.

The past few experiences I have had with Eyeko have been rather disappointing. First I had the problem with the two new nail polishes and now this cream. Have you tried this cream? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review, nor am I affiliated with Eyeko. These are my honest opinions.