REVIEW: Marcelle Power Volume Mascara

I was sent this mascara a couple weeks ago and have been trying it out since. Overall, I'm impressed with how thick and elongating it made my eyelashes. I only needed one coat to get the desired effect I was after, full lashes. Throughout the day it did not flake or smudge which is a BIG plus since a lot of mascaras tend to do this on me. Also, it kept curl well and my eyelashes didn't fall flat. This mascara kinda reminds me of if MAC Zoom Lash and L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara had a baby. It has Zoom Lash length and Extra Volume Collagen body. A lot of product comes out on the brush, which can get clumpy, so I recommend swiping off the excess lightly on a paper towel before applying it to your lashes.

In a mascara, I always look for three major things: thickness, length, and separation. My eyelashes were thick, long, however, they were lacking in separation. This problem could be easily solved with one of those rubber spikey brushes, like the brushes Cover Girl uses for their Lash Blast mascaras. To temporarily solve this problem, I just ran an eyelash comb through, but it would still be nice to have all three aspects in the mascara. All-in-all this is a decent mascara, but without the third aspect, separation, it fell a little short for me.