Top 10 Permanent MAC Eyeshadows

Hey Guys!

I've had a couple requests to do a top 10 MAC Eyeshadow post. I know it can be intimidating when you are first starting out with MAC since they have a TON of products and colours to choose from. If I could do it all over again, or if I could only use 10 MAC Eyeshadows for the rest of my life, these would be the ones I would choose and suggest to start out with. This is my own personal opinion. I do own a lot of MAC eyeshadows and think these are great staples.

1. Brule - Satin Finish, Soft-Creamy Beige - Perfect as a non-shimmer brow highlight. If you have light skin I would suggest using Vanilla. I personally love Brule as it isn't as pale.

2. Nylon - Frost, Pale Gold with Icy Shimmer - A beautiful shimmer highlight for when your lid colour is more matte. I don't like using a shimmer lid colour and a shimmer highlight or a matte lid with matte highlight, therefore I suggest getting two different finishes for brow highlight colours.

3. Naked Lunch - Frost, Minimal Pink with Shimmer - This is perfect for a light wash of all-over lid colour. It works with every skintone so you can't go wrong. I have Jest as well and it is very similar to Naked Lunch, but more pink so you don't need both colours if you are just starting out with MAC.

4. Wedge - Matte, Soft Muted Beige Taupe - great for in the crease and blending out lid colours/transitioning from lid to highlight colour.

5. Cork - Satin, Muted Golden Brown - Perfect to fill in eyebrows, for those with medium/dark brown hair, or for in the crease.

6. Folie - Satin, Reddish Plum Brown - If you have green eyes, like I do, this really brings them out. I love putting a touch of this in the crease or lining my eyes with it to make my eye colour stand out.

7. Satin Taupe - Frost, Taupe with Silver Shimmer - I love using this in the crease w/ Naked Lunch/Jest on the lid for a perfect day-time neutral look.

8. Typographic -Matte2, Ashphalt Black - I would have suggested Carbon instead of Typographic since it is the deepest black MAC carries, but I actually prefer the texture and blendability of Typographic over Carbon.

9. Contrast - Velvet, Purplish Blue with Blue Pearl - You will notice all the colours I have suggested so far are neutral (I personally don't wear a lot of coloured eyeshadows). I do, however, love deep purples and blues because they bring out my green eyes the best. This is a purplish/blue which is the perfect combination of the two colours I love. This is great for a smokey eye when applied in the crease and blended out.

Okay, so I couldn't pick 10. It was either pick 9 or choose 15 and I didn't want to pick too many as it defeats the purpose of picking a few necessary shadows out for beginners. For the 10th eyeshadow I probably would pick a dark brown shade (e.g., Espresso). If you are more daring go with a colour you like instead.

Hope this helps those of you who may not no where to start in building your eyeshadow collections!