Celebrity Look-a-likes

Hey Guys!
Many of you have told me I look like certain celebrities... I just thought it would be fun to compile some photos and see what you guys think! Who do I look most like? This is just for fun...I'm bored! I will be working on some ACTUAL beauty posts for you guys tomorrow :)

Angelina Jolie (6%)

Lucy Hale (10%)

Katharine McPhee (31%)

Leighton Meester (5%)

Megan Fox (13%)

Minka Kelly (27%)

Rachael Leigh Cook (20%)

Leave a comment below or answer the poll on the top right hand side of my blog!

UPDATE: I personally can see Katharine McPhee the most...and in person I probably get that comparison the most. When I was a kid, I would ALWAYS get Rachael Leigh Cook though... LOL