Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry: Large Swirly 3 Initial Pendant Necklace

Hey Guys!
Have you seen these necklaces around? I saw a few celebrities wearing them (i.e., Lauren Conrad, Taylor Swift) and decided I wanting to pick one up to remember my initials by since I will be taking on Charles' last name when we marry this July. I purchased the "Large Swirly 3 Initial Pendant" in Gold Vermeil. This pendant retails for $264 US. Shipping cost an additional $36 to Canada. I ended up paying a hair less than $300 with conversion.

I placed my order on March 5th and received it in the mail yesterday, March 25th! Twenty days was pretty good because they estimated it would ship out within 2-4 weeks. I'm so happy that I received this in time for my birthday next week as I will now be wearing this out to my birthday dinner!

I received a card that says enter "BUTTERFLY" upon checkout for 15% off! I'm not sure if will work more than once, so if you are looking into getting something from Jennifer Zeuner, feel free to use the coupon code as I won't be purchasing anything else (not that I don't want to, just that I don't have the money...haha).