My Wedding Story [[PIC HEAVY!]]

White, cream, gold/champage colour sceme

Centerpieces were orchids submerged in water with a floating candle on top

Hey Guys!
I got back from Santorini, Greece on Monday evening and I went straight back to work Tuesday morning so I've been quite busy/tired. I managed to gather several photos from family and friends over the past couple days to give you all a glimpse into my wedding day. In short, it was THE BEST day of my life. It may sound cliche, but in all honesty, nothing in my life has come close to this moment and the memories with family and friends from that day. I will cherish July 23, 2011 for a lifetime.

The night before we had our rehearsal dinner which was a fun time had by all. We kept it simple by going to the hall, running over the ceremony twice and then heading back to my parents house for pizza and drinks. My bridesmaids spent the night and we went to bed around midnight, but I wasn't able to fall asleep until 4:00 am and I had to wake up at 7:00 am. I never thought I would be such a nervous bride, but for some reason I could not shut my brain off which kept me up the majority of the night. I made the girls breakfast in the morning and at 8:30 am we were at the salon getting our hair done by my cousin, Hollie. I did not get a makeup artist. All my bridesmaids did their own makeup, including myself because everyone is self-sufficient at doing their own makeup, as good as a pro. I brought a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and OJ for mimosas. At this time, both of the photographers met up with us and one of them came back to my parents house for the girls pre-ceremony photoshoot and the other went to meet Charles and his groomsmen at the hotel. I gave the girls pearl Tiffany & Co. bracelets as a bridesmaid gift. They were all shocked. Included was a heartfelt card which made everyone cry. LOL Thank you waterproof mascara.

Bridesmaid gifts were Tiffany & Co. Pearl bracelets

We took a stretch SUV limo to the hall for the ceremony. I was EXTREMELY nervous waiting in the limo for our cue to come into the hall to start the ceremony.

I had a cellist and a violist playing. While my father and I waited to walk down the aisle, we were both very emotional. Once he handed me to Charles we both choked up. I chose traditional vows and was at the end saying "through sickness and in health" and I started to get emotional again, you could hear it in my voice, no tears though. The ceremony was beautiful and many people cried.

After the ceremony, we went to a local park and had our wedding photos taken. I can't wait to see how the professional ones turn out! Here a couple some family members snapped.

The reception was perfect as well. Dinner was amazing, the speeches were touching, our mothers made a slideshow of Charles and I growing up throughout the years which was very special. My dad was our MC and he was very funny. It couldn't have been more perfect. Everyone said how "Cheryl" the entire wedding was, from my gown to the choice of decor. I think my vision turned out stunning.

Bottom layer was vanilla and strawberry creme, delicious!

The most emotional part of the whole day was when I had my father daughter dance. I cried like a baby on my dads shoulder. I would not have changed anything about the day and it truly was perfect. Once I receive the photographers photos I will post some of my favourites!

Charles and my first dance!

Father/daughter dance

Bouquet toss!

Enjoying some fruit and cake at the midnight buffet. Sporting my hubbies tie!

More Champagne!!!

Shots with the wedding party

Hope you enjoyed a little piece of my special day!