Hey Guys!
I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my followers. You guys have been so patient with me and the fact that I've been a terrible blogger the past few months. I can't begin to explain how excited and relieved that my wedding day is almost here! I'm VERY impatient and this week has been dragging for me. I have tons of ideas for posts (and videos!) planned once I return from my honeymoon and am settled in. I can't wait to share with you my special day. You will probably get sick of all the post-wedding/honeymoon blog posts I will be doing LOL

You can look forward to:
  • What's in my Purse? Wedding Day Edition!
  • Wedding Day Photos
  • Honeymoon Photos
  • FOTDs/OOTDs from the Wedding, Greece...etc.
I will be snapping some wedding day photos and posting them to my twitter account for my followers :) If you are not following me on twitter yet, you can do so by clicking here,@MakeupByCherylH