HAUL: Forever21 Accessories!

The past week or so I placed a couple orders at Forever21 for some jewelry. I honestly don't wear jewelry enough and felt that maybe with some new pieces I might put together some more interesting outfits. Typically all I wear is three studs in my ears (i.e., either pearls or diamonds), my wedding rings, and that's it! The other day I also placed another order, which should arrive today, for the necklace Natty featured on her blog (click here AND here to view).





  1. Arrow Head Earrings $6.80
  2. Tiered Geometric Earrings $4.80
  3. Arrowhead Earrings $4.80
  4. Spiked Drop Earrings $5.80
  5. Pyramid Stud Set $5.80
  6. Wavy Two Finger Ring $6.80
  7. Pilot's Three Finger Ring $5.80
  8. Embellished Knuckle Ring $9.80
  9. Filigree Knuckle Ring $6.80
  10. Pressed Detail Knuckle Ring $5.80
  11. Sparkling Cross Ring $4.80
  12. Cutout Bird Ring $4.80
  13. Jagged Faux Stone Ring $6.80
  14. Spiked Stretchy Ring $7.80
  15. Spiked Charms Necklace $9.80
  16. Layered Spikes Necklace $10.80
  17. Arrowhead Necklace $3.80
  18. Faux Marble Cross Necklace $6.80
  19. Spike and Chain Bracelet $6.80
  20. Feather Hair Clip (multicolour/black) $5.80
  21. Feather Hair Clip (brown/gold) $5.80

My favourite pieces are the Feather Hair Clips and the Layered Spikes Necklace! I don't know what it is, but I'm really into feather hair extensions at the moment. Also, isn't it weird that I bought 21 items at Forever21?