MAC Fall Colour Collection Haul + Review

Hey Guys!
First of all, let me start off by saying the campaign photos of Cindy Sherman TERRIFY me. I'm glad I ordered offline because honestly, if I went into the store I probably wouldn't go near the clown display...seriously. Anyways, I ended up ordering a few things online and thought I would post my haul, plus some swatches since the collection launches in stores in North America TODAY! Despite the campaign photos, I was really excited for the products in this collection. I already owned quite a bit of product that was repromoted for this collection so I've decided to include pictures of those products as well and links to swatches I've done in the past.

What I ended up ordering:
(all prices in CAD)

Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad $45
Royale Eyeshadow $18
Blue Candy Eyeshadow $18
Ash Violet Fluidline $18
Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish $33.50

Lightscapade Mineralize Skin Finish

Lightscapade MSF

Lightscapade is described as a soft candelit beige with multi-dimensional shimmer. The closest MSF I have to Lightscapade is Perfect Topping so I decided to do a side-by-side comparison. Perfect Topping is a mixture of pink, peach and lavender and is probably a little more wearable/versatile than Lightscapade. Lightscapade is very light/white and the pinkish glow to Perfect Topping looks more flattering on my NC30/40 skintone. I have to use a rather light hand with Lightscapade because it gives a whitish cast. With that said, I still think Lightscapade is absolutely gorgeous and I've been waiting quite some time for this to be repromoted. I was ebaying old MSFs a while back when I was really into collecting them, but did not want to spend the outrageous prices ebay sellers were auctioning these bad boys off for. In the end it's a great addition to my highlighters and it will be getting much love. 

Lightscapade MSF vs. Perfect Topping MSF

Lightscapade MSF vs. Perfecting Topping MSF

Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad

The Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad was one of the items I was looking forward to most. Rarely, actually, NEVER have a come across a quad which I wanted to purchase. Usually there is one or two colours that steer me away from making the $45 purchase, but I can say now that I absolutely love every colour in this quad and can see myself using all of the colours. The quad comes with Chamomile (LE, Repromote), Angel Flame (LE), Feather Pink (LE), and Gravel (LE). Chamomile is described as a creamy pale yellow with a "Satin" finish. Angel Flame (LE) is a coral that flashes pink/yellow, kind of like MAC's Melon Pigment, but not as pigmented. Angel Flame is a "Frost" finish. Feather Pink is a mid-ton pink with a "Satin" finish. Finally, Gravel  (LE) is a blue-grey with a "Matte" finish. All the colours are soft, blendable, and well pigmented. Feather Pink I have found to be the hardest to build up and work with. Gravel has the best colour payoff and probably the best texture and application of the bunch.

From left to right: Chamomile, Angel Flame, Feather Pink, Gravel

Single Eyeshadows 

As soon as I saw the single eyeshadows I intially was attracted to Blue Candy and Passionate. I knew Passionate was a permanent colour because I remember wanting it a long time ago, but never got around to buying it, so I decided to skip out on it because I could just pick it up later, for cheaper, in pan form. Blue Candy and Royale are extremely pigmented, smooth, and apply easily. Some of the best eyeshadows MAC has come out with in a long time, in my opinion. I had Shock-a-holic from the previous collection when it came out and I found I have not used it much because the texture is terrible. Shock-a-holic is a bit chalky and you really got to work with it which you shouldn't really have to for $18, in my opinion. The colour is definitely gorgeous once you spend the time to make it work though. Royale is described as a clean violet and has a "Matte" finish. Royale looks blue to me, but I'm colourblind. LOL Blue Candy is described as a clean blue and has a "Satin" finish. Shock-a-holic is described as a deep purple and also has a "Satin" finish.

From left to right: Shock-a-holic, Royale, Blue Candy

Ash Violet Fluidline 

Ash Violet Fluidline is described as blackened purple and it has a obvious sparkle/glitter to it which MAC should put in the description, in my opinion, as it is quite apparent. Ash Violet isn't as pigmented as I would like. It took me a few swipes of product to get the line as dark as I would like. I've been wearing this the past couple days and it really makes my green eyes pop. It is longwearing, like all of MAC's fluidlines, and won't smudge or budge until you want to remove it. I like that this is a blackened purple, not an "in-your-face" purple because it makes my green eyes stand out subtly, without it being that obvious that I'm wearing a coloured liner. 

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (released with this collection) vs. Ash Violet Fluidline

Products Repromoted with Fall Colour Collection  

 Pictured above: Blacktrack Fluidline, Neon Orange Lipstick, Tan Pigment, Violet Pigment, Dim Lip Erase, Shock-a-holic eyeshadow, Solar Riche Bronzer

A lot of products were repromoted for this collection that were already permanent items or have been released previously. I took it upon myself to gather the products I have so that I could share swatches. I love all these products, but my favourites are Blacktrack fluidline and Solar Riche Bronzer. I plan on doing a full review on Solar Riche Bronzer in the near future. Not pictured is Show Orchid Lipstick which was also released in this collection and can be found at Pro stores. You can see swatches of Show Orchid in a previous post by clicking here. To see swatches of Neon Orange lipstick, click here. To see swatches of Tan and Violet Pigment, click here. To see MAC 36 lashes, also released with the Fall Colour Collection, look below, or click here.

MAC 36 Lashes

Wearing: Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad, Ash Violet Fluidline, Solar Riche Bronzer, Lightscapade MSF

What did you get from this collection?