DUPE ALERT: Dior Amber Diamond Skin Shimmer vs. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip in "Vegas Strip"

Hey Guys!
I recently purchased the infamous Dior "Amber Diamond" Skin Shimmer as I've heard many of my favourite bloggers rave about this product (e.g., Temptalia, Miss Natty's Beauty Diary). What I didn't know, is that I had a great dupe for this already in my makeup collection! Before I get to the dupe, let me briefy tell you about the product.
"As sheer and shimmering as silk, the new Poudre Shimmer Diorskin brightens the complexion with thousands of sparkles and an airy caress of translucent light subtly shaded with delicate, sparkly gem-like effects. What is the secret of these unique reflections? Just the right amount of pearlescent particles and pigments designed to give the skin a beautiful sheen. The result: in just one step, your face radiates with a delicate halo of light!."
Retail Value: $44 US on Sephora.com
This is a gorgeous highlight which truly does fuse with your skin to give you a beautiful glow. The product is finely milled allowing the texture to be silky smooth to the touch. The packaging is gorgeous, from the velvet covering to the luxurious Christian Dior packaging with mirror.

The colour would be universally flattering on all skin-tones, and I find it flatters my NC30-40 skintone especially well.

Amber Diamond has such a beautiful sheen that blends in flawlessly with the skin

Curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see how this compared to other highlighters in my collection. I ended up comparing NARS Albatross highlighter/blush (another very popular highlighter) and Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip in "Vegas Strip".

In person the swatches looked REALLY close. I typically don't find dupes that are close ENOUGH for me to warrant buying the alternative, but this does. The texture, sheen, colour (though varies depending on how much of each of the stripes you swatch), and pigmentation are all almost identical. If you have been wanting to try Dior Amber Diamond, but don't want to spend the money, try Physicians Formula Shimmer Strip in "Vegas Strip" for a fraction of the cost ($12.95 on the Physicians Formula website), AND it is more readily available as you can find it at most drugstores, Walmart...etc.

I ended up trying to swatch the individual strips to compare each of the shades. The only major difference I could tell was that Dior's first shade is more white-yellow whereas Physicians Formula is strickly yellow-gold in colour. If you are hard set on having a mirror with your highlighter, Physicians Formula does not come with one, but the packaging is still very nice and sleek and comes in a see-through square container. The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips are not only marketed as a face product, but also as eye shadow as well. It is easier to use the PF product vs. the Dior product as eyeshadows as all of the colour are of the same size and none of the stripes are overly small, like in the Dior product. Also, some of you may not know that Physicians Formula is made in Italy! Coincidentally, Dior is made in Italy as well, huh.