HAUL: Thrift Store!

Hey Guys!
My new obsession is thrifting! I love the thrill of finding a hidden treasure, especially designer, for super cheap. My entire lot of clothes and accessories I got for under $100! I love all the purses I picked up, especially the hard black case with long gold chain. My favourite article of clothing has to be the long gold and black jacket. I'm still unsure of the brown sweater with pink trim and buttons...its one of those "ugly/pretty" things in my eyes. The clothes range in sizes, anywhere from a small/size 4 to a large/10. I'm typically a size 6, but can fit into smaller jackets as long as they don't need to zip up past my chest lol. The velvet dress is on the large side, but hangs nicely. Everything else that is too big can be cinched nicely with a belt. Finding a good belt for the waist is key and I'm absolutely loving the one I picked up for $3! I'm dying to hit up more thrift stores as I picked up all these items at one store. Hopefully I can get out in the next couple of weeks.

Key to thrifting: be patient, you will be sifting through A LOT of pieces that won't suit your taste. Also, wear clothes and shoes you can easily slip on and off as you will have to try on mostly everything. Most importantly, have an open mind and be creative! It always helps to have a shopping partner who knows your style and can help you find things faster.

Coin purse - MAC heads will know this is the packaging from a previous collection
Ugly/pretty sweater I'm still unsure about

I was sooooo excited about this find! Old decanters for liquor. The ones I've seen in stores are too modern for my taste... I wish I could have found a few more, but these two will do for now.