Michael Kors Horizontal Tote for MacBook Pro

Hey Guys!
When I purchased my MacBook Pro, I knew right away that I needed some sort of protective case for it because I tend to break my electronic devices all too often (i.e., cell phone, e-reader...etc). When browsing the Apple website,  I saw that Michael Kors had protective cases and totes for MacBooks. I was so excited when I saw this because I always wanted a MK bag, but never shelled out the money and this seemed the perfect time to do so.

I'm not going to lie, when deciding between the 13" and the 15" MacBook Pro, I leaned towards the 15"  because I knew it would be a snugger fit in this bag. LOL I ordered the Michael Kors Horizontal Tote over the weekend I purchased my MacBook and it came within the following week. Shipping was extremely fast and it was free!

About the Product

"The Michael Kors MK Monogram Horizontal Tote wraps your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in Michael Kors signature monogram print. There's a separate inner pocket to house your MacBook—and a zipper with leather pull-tab to ensure a snug protective fit. Plus you get a pocket for your iPhone and one for your iPad or iPad 2 in its Smart Cover. The Michael Kors gold color metal MK charm hanging along the front provides a luxurious detail. And in the Michael Kors tradition of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, each tote is individually handcrafted from the MK monogram signature print and includes premium Napa leather handles and straps."


Fits MacBook Air or up to 15-inch MacBook Pro
Easy device access
Additional iPhone pocket (fits iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 or 4S in a bumper or case)
Multi-purpose inner pockets
Inside strap with spring-closing hook for keys
MK monogram logo satin lining
Michael Kors designer handbag style and quality

Price: $254.95 CAD + tax 
Order Online: www.apple.ca

Inside the Bag

My favourite thing about this bag is not only can it carry my MacBook in a padded, zip closer compartment, it can also has separate pockets to fit an iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Currently I don't own all these devices, but the tote has been storing my Blackberry, iPod, and E-reader for the time being.