Clarisonic Plus Sonic Skin Cleansing Brush for Face & Body

Hey Guys!
I've been using the Clarisonic Plus for a few months now so I feel I can give a proper review. I ended up ordering the Clarisonic Plus from SkinCareRx because they were offering 20% off and I had a $75 gift card (due to affiliate link). Normally the Clarisonic Plus costs $225, but I ended up paying just over $100 for it with my own money. I was debating whether I wanted to purchase the Mia or the Plus, but ended up deciding on the Plus as I was wanting to use it for my body and I wanted the added feature of adjustable speed levels. 

I'm a big fan of the Sonic toothbrush (electric spin toothbrush) and ever since I switched over from a standard toothbrush to an electric years and years ago, even my dentist could see an improvement in my teeth. I thought the concept of a skincare brush is a fantastic idea. If my teeth can be very clean and healthy, imagine what a brush, designed with the same concept in mind, could do for my skin!

About the Product

"The essential first step in your daily skin care ritual. Clarisonic is a professional-caliber brush that uses a gentle sonic micro-massage action to cleanse deeply. Clarisonic gently clears pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals, cleansing so effectively that skin care products absorb better. Clinical results include 6x more makeup removed than manual cleansing, reduced appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone."

How to Use:

If you use makeup, remove eye makeup by hand.

Wet your skin and the brush head with warm water. Liberally apply cleanser to your skin or to the brush head. Push the on/off button to turn your Clarisonic on and gently move the brush using a small circular motion, beginning on the forehead, then moving to the nose/chin area and the cheeks at the the T-Timer prompts. (The T-Timer suggests you spend 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 second on the nose/chin, and 10 seconds on each cheek). 

Pressing too hard will impede the motion of the brush and reduce its effectiveness. The outer brushes are designed to contain any residual mist from the brush oscillation, so be sure to hold the brush head flush to your skin.

The Clarisonic handle is waterproof and may be used in the shower or bathtub.

The Clarisonic is packaged with a Sensitive brush head (white base) installed. They also offer facial brush heads for different skin types, and an optional Body Brush Head (included with the Clarisonic Plus).

With a facial brush head attached, all speed settings gently and effectively cleanse the face. The high speed setting is particularly effective for the décolleté. 

With the Body Brush Head attached, the Clarisonic automatically initiates body mode (constant or pulse). 

Three speed settings: high, normal, low. You can change the speed setting by clicking the speed button. There are audible and visible indications to inform you which speed setting you are currently on. The Body mode has two settings, constant and pulse.

Make sure you change your brush heads every 3 months. It is much easier to remove the brush head with the cap provide. Just click on the cap, and rotate coutner-clockwise and the brush head will easily snap off. 


Place your Clarisonic in its charging cradle overnight to recharge it. Allow 24 hours for a full charge. A full charge allows up to 30 minutes of use, and about 20 minutes of use with the optional Body Brush Head. 

Review: The biggest thing I've noticed with the Clarisonic is how much better my makeup comes off. With manual cleansing, my toner would literally get the majority of my makeup off. With the Clarisonic, once I apply my toner, I barely have any makeup residue on my cotton pad! I had a stage where I was getting really bad acne (bad for me) and I read that some people go through "skin purging" phases when starting to use the Clarisonic. I've NEVER had trouble with acne, just a couple hormonal blemishes from time to time, but nothing like I was getting. This is something to be aware of because like me, you may want to stop using what you think it causing this, but it was only a temporary phase. Now that I own the Clarisonic Plus, I know why I ever thought of getting anything but this. I love the body brush and how well it exfoliates my skin. The body brush has come in quite handy especially since I'm an active self-tan user and its essential to slough off any dead skin cells prior to self-tanning for the most even application possible. The kit comes with 3 face washes and one body polish. I have used the face washes for normal and dry skin, but am steering clear of the oily skin face wash. The face wash worked fine for me, but it isn't something I would run out and buy. I've been using my regular Clinique Face Wash with the Clarisonic and I've been liking the results. I didn't care for the smell of the Clarisonic Face Washes as they were rather fruity. The face wash formulated for dry skin smelt especially like Fruit Loops. The only cereal I would ever put on my face is some instant oats, not fruit loops. I am almost done using the Body Polish that came with the kit and actually really like it and it would be something that I would repurchase in the future. I like the polish because the exfoliating beads are extremely fine and feel like rubbing sand all over your body after a day at the beach. I'm actually one of those people who don't mind spending a day at the beach and having the feeling of sand on my body. I just don't like when the sand gets all up in my business, if you know what I mean. In terms of design, the brush is easy to hold on to and has a textured service on the front so that your fingers don't slip. I have never dropped my brush yet and I do use this in the shower. The charge lasts quite well and I just the charging cradle to hold my brush, but I just unplug it until the battery fully drains and then I charge it again. Word of advice, make sure you take off your brush head, even if you don't have the body brush attachment. There is a lot of gunk that can build up underneath the brush head that needs to be cleaned out. You do not want to rub that on your skin. As for the claim that this helps absorb skincare products better, I throughly believe this is the case. With this said, $225 seems like a lot to shell out at first, but if its going to help your skincare treatments and moisturizers work better, in the end it is really worth it, in my opinion. I haven't noticed a difference in fine lines or pore size, but I have found a product that helps me in this aspect that I can't wait to review and share with you!

Have you tried or want to try the Clarisonic?