Happy Valentines Day!

Hey Guys!
Happy Valentines Day! I'm on night shift so Charles and I went out for a late breakfast and then decided to stop by our local Winners to do a little shopping. I ended up picking up a few things for the house and then came across a bunch of different designed Violent Lips lip tattoos. I've always wanted to try these out. I ended up getting three different designs which contain 3 applications each. My first application didn't turn out so well, but I thought I would quickly share a photo. You have to look closely to see the word "LOVE" written on my bottom lip. I will be using these for some FOTDs in the future. If you have ever seen any of the patterns, you know my FOTDs will be far from normal. I'm excited to do some extravagant makeup!
"The Red Love" Temporary Lip Tattoo
These Lip Tattoos are said to last anywhere from 4-8 hours. As this was only my first application, and it didn't turn out so well, I will have to further test these out to give a full review. These range anywhere from $9.99-$14.95 US at www.violentlips.com. I found these for $7.99 CAD at Winners.