Glass Nail Files and Boar Bristle Brushes by Mont Bleu

Hey Guys!
Design Glassware by Mont Bleu specializes in glass nail files decorated in Swarovski crystals, as well as other products adored in Swarovski crystals. I had the opportunity to receive a hair brush, and one glass nail file for review. I was really excited about the hair brush because just a couple days before this opportunity, my puppy decided to chew up the handle of my hair brush so I was in dire need of a new one! Oh the joys of puppy training. 

They have plain glass nail files as well as adored ones, like the one I will be showing you. Both my nail file and hair brush have a yellow flower pattern. The company is based in the Czech Republic so all prices are in the Euro.

Glass Nail File

About the Product

"Glass nail files made from high quality tempered Czech glass decorated with Swarovski crystals, one of our bestsellers. Ranked as the safest and durable manicure tool, our glass nail files will satisfy any need of yours; whether for professional use or home nail do. We offer plenty of designs, even with silver figurines, and semi-precious stones."

The glass nail file retails for $10,00 €.

I've never looked into glass nail files or even heard about them up until this point. Typically, I just use the cheap emery boards you can find at your local drugstore/dollarstore, but I have also used those steel nail files in the past as well. A glass nail file is definitely a nice piece to add to my nail care kit. Not only is this great for my nail kit, it is also perfect for travel. I like that this comes with a snug, velvet casing to store and product the glass nail file. It is important to take care of a glass nail file because they have several advantages over a cheap, emery board that include:

  • Glass nail files are permanently etched, therefore never become worn down 
  • Glass nail files help reduce the amount of chipping, splitting and peeling as they are more gentle on the nail 
  • Glass nail files are easy to clean 

I'm really glad I have been introduced to glass nail files. Even though you pay a bit more for them in the beginning, the advantages definitely outweigh that of buying cheap emery boards from the dollarstore. A word of caution, be very careful storing these and always make sure to put them back in their protective casing as glass is very fragile.

Hair Brush adorned with Swarovski Crystals

About the Product

"Wellness hair brushes hand made with Swarovski crystals are beautiful and practical gift for women. Hair brushes are suitable for everyday use on all types of hair. Wooden hair brushes are made in Germany of nut wood with selected boar bristles. Pure boar bristles are very gentle and do not damage hair; they do not generate static electricity. Our hair brushes are very easy to clean. They have a 244mm/9.6 inch length."
The hair brush retails for $27,00 € 

The hair brush is well crafted made of both boar bristle and your typical plastic bristles with bobble ends. This is definitely a luxurious brush, made of wood and adorned in a flower pattern made of Swarovski crystals. The crystals are well adhered to the back of the brush and the site offers many different designs to appeal to everyones taste. I've always wanted a boar bristle brush as I've heard good things about the use of boar bristles and hair care, but have never invested the money as they are usually quite a bit more money than your typical plastic/synthetic bristle brushes.

These are definitely a luxurious item, but if you are looking to pamper yourself or treat a friend or family member, these would also make a great gift. If you are interested, definitely check out their website

Disclaimer: Both products were sent to me for consideration to review. As always, these are my honest opinions.