Dirty Pirate Dreads

Hey Guys!
This is a pretty random post, but I thought I would share with you some skull clip-in hair extensions which I have been LOVING lately. A couple months ago I purchased two sets of "Dirty Pirate Dreads" from Vampfangs.com. I was first introduced to these when I was googling MTV's Cara Maria's hair. I absolutely LOVE her vibrant red hair and extensions/dreads she wears. Cara Maria has some bad ass hair, which I am so envious of. If I had the guts, I would dye my entire head of hair red like her. I also think she is absolutely stunning! Here are a couple pics of Cara Maria and the skull dreads which I love:

In the past, I have jumped on the "feather extension" bandwagon, but everyone has hair feathers, no one wears skulls! The best part about these is that you can just clip them in and take them out without damaging your hair! I ended up purchasing two of these and upon comparison they are definitely different. Each dread is hand-made and thus unique to every buyer, something which sold me even more to purchasing these.  You can wear the clip-in extensions either high or low in your hair depending on where you want them to fall. I like to stagger these on one side of my head and curl my hair.

You can choose from a variety of colour combos. I went for the original red, black and white because I liked the colour combo the best. The dreads are well crafted and secure to the clips. Each clip has two strands of skulls and retails for $16.95 each on www.vampfangs.com.