Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream in Medium Dark

Hey Guys!
As you know, I tried my first BB Cream last month (click here to see my review on Marcelle BB Cream) and was very impressed. I've been hooked on Marcelle's BB Cream since trying it as it has eliminated some steps from my daily makeup routine as well as provided a great product for daily wear when I don't want to cake my face with foundation. Once I saw that Garnier was coming out with their own BB Cream I knew instantly that I had to pick one up as I've had very good experiences with Garnier skincare products in the past (i.e., Dark Spot Corrector, Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller...etc). 

About the Product

"All-in-1 every day moisturizer - Gently apply the Miracle Skin Perfector daily to face. This light, velvety-smooth lotion is rapidly absorbed without leaving a greasy or sticky feel. See immediate results after applying it, as well as long-lasting effects after only two weeks."

5 Benefits:

Corrects Wrinkles
Corrects Imperfections
Protects with SPF 15
Evens and Brightens Skin Tone

Mineral Pigments

Mineral pigments are light and melt instantaneously into skin, which allows to obtain a light and comfortable textured cream that spreads flawlessly over skin and absorbs quickly

(This is the same thing used in the Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller which I love!)

Vitamin C

Vitamin c is well known for it's anti-oxidant properties and its anti-free radical effect that brightens and evens skin tone.

I've only just started using this product so I can't tell you the long term benefits and whether or not this has corrected and improved wrinkles and imperfections. I can tell you the immediate benefits of using this include the skin being more moisturized, even, and bright. My only qualm about the Marcelle BB Cream was that it didn't contain an SPF. I love how the Garnier BB Cream has an SPF of 15. As my daytime moisturizer, it is essential that it contains an SPF so that I don't have to rely on my primer or foundation containing SPF. Like a regular moisturizer, I use my finger tips to apply this to my face in circular motions. If you have ever used a tinted moisturizer, this reminds me quite a bit of that. If you have a sensitivity to smell, this product has a very strong citrus scent, very similar to many other Garnier products on the market so be wary.

Swatched on natural skin tone (NC25), light-medium would best be suited for NC25
Wish this had a warmer undertone, this pulls rather pink on my skin
Personally, I find this product to be a little too pink for my colouring to the point where I can't use this on its own without something, a foundation or powder, to go over top. With that said, this kind of defeats the purpose of using this solely as a BB Cream. I really shouldn't have to apply a yellow-toned powder or foundation to achieve my colouring. This would be great for medium-dark ladies with a cool, NW undertone, but for you NC ladies like myself, this may not be your best match. Also, I found my skin to be very shiny once applied. This seemed to never fully absorb into my skin. If you were just going to use this alone, I would suggest applying a powder overtop to set the BB Cream. Once again, this kind of defeats the purpose of a BB Cream if you have to set it with another product for it to look natural.  If you are looking for a matifying BB Cream, I would highly recommend Marcelle BB Cream as it absorbs into the skin and leaves a natural-matte finish. Overall, I think Marcelle makes a better BB Cream than the Garnier so if I had to choose one, it would be Marcelle. I may still end up getting the light-medium BB Cream to see how it compares and if it would better suit my natural NC25 colouring. 

I think this is a really good product for evening out the complexion, brightening and moisturizing the skin. If the colour matched my skin tone a little bit better, I would definitely repurchase. If this product is of interest to you, make sure you check out the Garnier website for a $3.00 off coupon. I wish I would have seen this before, prior to purchasing the Medium-Dark shade, but at least I found this now so that I can save some money when picking up the light-medium shade. If you are a Canadian resident, Walmart offers the lowest price, so I would definitely check there before going anywhere else. You can find this at Shoppers as well, but you know they are going to charge you 5x the amount.